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Record Control dialog missing? version 5.29

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Over the October 20-21, 2012 weekend I upgraded my WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition, v 4.52, to the latest version at the time, v. 5.29.


Immediately, it appeared to me that the popup Record Control dialog (the full dialog, not the mini-dialog asking for format and channels) no longer appears in WavePad.


I cannot find the full Record Control dialog as a Menu or Toolbar Option or a set of keystrokes.


While I do see an option to prompt for format and channels in the Tools > Options > General tab, no option on that tab or the Recording or Audio tabs configure the Record Control dialog to appear.


I have scoured the Internet for a similar upgrade problem and the forums, but have found not a whisper about this behavior.


I was trying to find the Record Control dialog to verify my microphone selection, because, though v. 4.52 apparently has no problems selecting accurately among multiple microphones plugged into the computer, v. 5.29 Tools > Options > Recordings will appear to allow you to select a different microphone but seems always to use the recording source Defaulted for Windows (Version 7 in this instance). I had hoped to open the Record Control dialog to verify that my Tools > Options > Recording choice "stuck" - it was then I realized I could not find the Record Control full dialog anymore.


Am I the only person experiencing these difficulties with v. 5.29? Am I big-league missing how to open the Record Control dialog? If it was removed from a version following 4.52, I wonder why I keep seeing notes about it in subsequent update lists and no note explaining that this dialog is gone for good? Using the Record Control dialog also still appears in the tutorials I've seen.

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