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Ronald Vaughan

Recording "Abbey Road" Crossings

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Is anybody out there going to be using DEBUT between 12:30 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. (Los Angeles time) June 4,2012?


A popular radio show in Los Angeles,calls in to a friend in England. That friend walks across Abbey Road,and nobody has been around before (or even could) record that event.


I could,but I cannot easily get to a computer at that late time.

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pushka    0

For all you who happened to find this entry regarding Abbey Road crossing...

There is a webcam that constantly records the Crossing:



The website keeps an archive of the last 24 hours of video.

I was not able to access the archive with my phone, but it worked fine on an actual laptop.

So, once you cross, you basically have 24 hours to find yourself online.

To be sure... The video records from the wrong side of the street. Your video and pictures that you take from the middle of the street facing north will look much more accurate. But this website will do in a pinch ;)



Los Angeles



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