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Unable to Capture Full Screen

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Riknas    0

Hey there. I just wanted to try and figure something out. I have already read that it is difficult to record 3D games, as that was not the intention of Debut Video. That said, I am not actually trying to record a 3D video game. However, it is mildly related because it is a different type of program.


It is a Visual Novel, almost entirely composed solely of images and text. The sound comes in fine, for the most part it renders everything at a decent quality. However, whenever I review the record, it downsizes the recorded screen significantly. It's as if my screen was compacted and then shoved into the top left hand corner, and I'm given very large black borders both below and to the left of it. Is this a design error, or something that I can work around. This is the paid-for software with the Video Editing suite, fully updated, and on the Vista OS.


Attached is a screen shot of the aforementioned issue.



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