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Modem worked with old version not new one

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I had a motherboard die last week. So after new hardware upgrade using the same modem and drivers I re-install windows and download and install IVM answering Attendant v5.04. I am not sure what version I was running before; installed around February 2008. I also had to purchase new licensed since the old one did not work. The old version ran great no problems... prefect. the new one does not. When I call with a cell phone to test the system. the system picks up(I hear the click on the cell) then does nothing and cell says that I am connected.


The following is the log:

07:13:09 Ringing on Line Intel V92 HaM Data Fax Voice detected. Waiting until ring number 2.

07:13:09 Intel V92 HaM Data Fax Voice Intel V92 HaM Data Fax Voice [Answered]

07:13:09 Answered line [1 "Intel V92 HaM Data Fax Voice"] call number [46] cid [unknown] did[intel V92 HaM Data Fax Voice] drn[1 (6000ms)]

07:13:09 Play file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\IVM\OGMs\Greeting.wav

07:13:13 Call disconnected


But the wav file is never played.


The Simulator works perfectly.


I am wondering if this is a setting I have missed or if IVM has changed. I do not understand why it work on the old version but not the new one.



thanks in advance for all the help.



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