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Can't Get Slice To Work

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Hi all,


I am having a problem getting the Slice program to work.


I just downloaded an audiobook (George R.R. Martins' - A Storm of Swords). It was created from the cd's so there are a total of 39 individual files. I used a program called "Merge MP3" (http://shchuka.com/software/mergemp3/) to combine all 39 files into one single file. I am doing this because the chapters are all messed up. For example, Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2 are on the first file. The remainder of Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and a part of Chapter 4 are on the second file. I basically want to have Slice to create new individual files based on the sound gaps between the chapters found on the single big file I created.


The single file is 3.11 GB in size and a length of 43 hours 13 minutes and 4 seconds (43:13:04). I should note that when I add the big single file into Slice, the program shows the length of the file as -13:-07-47 and I have no idea why.


I then opened Slice, added the single file, selected the "Slice Into Individual Tracks" options, -25dB Threshold, 2 seconds Duration.


I then clicked on the "Slice" button.


Then for a microsecond, a window pops up then disappears. If I hit the slice button repeatedly I can read what is says:


Splitting File

Scanning for split points


And that is it. Nothing happens. I looked in the Output folder and nothing is there. So I changed both the threshold and duration settings and get the same results.


I have even tried the "Slice Into" and "Slice Into Files Of Duration" and nothing happens, just the same results as above. The only time it works is when I try and Slice one of the original 39 files.


I am running the Slice program on the following machine:

HP Pavilion dv7-4285dx Laptop

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit

Intel Core i5 M640 @ 2.53 GHz

6GB Ram

640 GB HD


Any help would be appreciated.




- Stryker

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Same problem; and solution:


I was able to split the audiobook file (14+ hours, nearly 500MB) into two mp3 files by using the free audio editing program Audacity.

(Yes it took a VERY long time to load the original file, and an even longer time to export the two new files as mp3s so that I was afraid the program had frozen; but let it run, it will complete the tasks eventually).


When I opened the resulting files in Slice, each showed a positive number for "length."

Slice then had no trouble splitting them into as many tracks as I wished.

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