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Audible file conversion (for self)

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Before buying Switch converter, I installed a demo version and tested conversion of my aax files to mp3 and it worked !


Up to now I was burning discs through itunes as is possible to listen to the books on any hi-fi.

I have a Sony player and nowhere is this label listed on the Audible manual and thus incompatible. So I had to burn them, convert them from wav or suchlike to mp3 which is long and rather boring and excessively CD consuming.


I won't start on the fact that some companies have "proprietary" policies because it makes me rather angry and think that converters like Switch Sound File are necessary to keep them at bay.


Back to our topic : As I validated my just bought copy of the sw I then tested the conversion again. and it ... failed! I feel a bit cheated.

I got then a procedure on how to install audible media filter & dll files to make it work. I could indeed install two of these files but then I got the message "msvci70.dll was loaded but entry point DllRegisterServer cannot be found - this file cannot be saved" (translated from french) I am at loss here...


I cannot make out how something that worked once cannot anymore!


Please help me along the procedure to make these files convertible... any of you who are computer sages.


Important fact for what it's worth, this is absolutely and only for my own usage (and in this case it is absolutely legally ok), I live in a french speaking country and keep my english up to date with those audio books. If I don't have to fill a room with cd's it would be as well.

Thanks for reading I'm hanging on your lips...

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