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Port Fordward issues

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I ran the port forwarding [ Run Web Routing and Test Wizard ] and it is requiring me to go to my router web page to set up a TCP/IP port forwarding from the public port of 85 to port 85. I have a netgear wireless router with a motorola comcast cable modem. I went to my router web page [ http://www.routerlogin.net ] and entered the necessary info, but when I added the 1.3 port number 85 it stated the address was invalid. There is feature there for custom set up which is requesting this information: Service Name I entered: Eyeline Video?

Service Type It has a pre fix of TCP/UDP with a drop down menu which includes TCP only and UDP only?

Starting Port (1~65534) What is the starting port?

Ending Port (1~65534) What is the ending port?

Server IP Address My public network is


I have a motion detector installed with my surveillance camera and Eyeline senses it perfectly and for some strange reason, I do receive email notification of motion detected, and the video viewer is working perfectly [ even though on occasions, i still have to use the sense camera feature, or go to my control center, add / remove program and click repair to Eyeline for it to function properly ] I have RDM+ installed on my Blackberry to view my desktop when I am away and I can access Eyeline to engage certain features, but with this porting problem, I have to depend on Debut Professional as the stane alone application which does not have the web feature, but works great. Any of you geeks and techkies have a solution to my problem? All serious help is appreciated. John

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