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When i download Fling i was looking for a FTP client which was integrated into windows explorer.


With the ability to rightclick a file anywhere on your computer and upload it to a server ... quickly


Fling sort of fails at that... Fling gives the error message : "file [filename] does not belong in any fling folder"


Fling cant find files UNLESS they are placed in a "fling" folder, but i dont want to to turn every folder on my computer into a fling folder by adding a server to each and every one :(


So please.. Add the possibilty to rightclick a file anywhere on your computer and upload it to a server.


You could even make it smarter by adding folders to the server you are uploading to.


Fex: I have following folders on my FTP : pics , music and stuff


Would be nice to be able to rightclick a file and Fling it directly to the right folder on my FTP in one go


These dirs/folders to send to could be setup when you add a server or when you upload a file


And support for multiple server in rightclick would be nice too.. Fex:


Rightclick -> Fling -> Server1 -> Upload file -> [DIR] Pics

____________________________________-> [DIR] Music

____________________________________-> [DIR] Stuff

____________________________________-> New Folder (which then gets created on the server)


sry about ____ had to space -> to make it visual :)


This was just my idea how i wanted Fling to work, hope you understand the idea :)


Else feel free to contact me.


Other than this i really like Fling, the automated uploads and all :)

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