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Copy and Paste Audio

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If there is a way, I have not found it. To split a video, then take the selected audio from it after detaching it, and copy and paste it somewhere else. This would be useful if i want to fill in a blank space where I took out some noise, with quieter background sound.

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It is quite possible to detach a sound bite and add it back on another track in any place you want and as many times as you want.


Starting from square one.........


Load your film clip to the Media List


Right click on the clip IN THE MEDIA LIST WINDOW and select "Save audio track as a separate file" from the menu that appears.


The audio track from the clip will be saved to the Media List as a separate file, and you can drag and drop it anywhere onto the Soundtrack 1 (or 2 or 3 etc) and drag it to any place you want.


If you already have your video clip on the sequence line then you can split it as follows..


Switch into timeline mode and you will see your soundtrack beneath the film track.

Left click on the clip where you want the split to occur.(Do this on the "seconds" line above the images)

Now click the "Split" button on the left of the screen.


Your film will split at the cursor point and the newly produced clip piece will preview

in the left hand preview pane.


If you now click on the small icon that looks like a piece of film below the preview image you can save the new clip.


It will appear in the Media List window and you can separate the sound bite as described above.



Note that there is no need to detach it from the original film clip (although if you do it makes it easier to see where you have sound and where you don't have sound.)


If you want to keep the sound visible (even though you have copied it) but don't want it to play, then mute that particular clip....


Right click the Audio track of the clip in question and select "Adjust clip volume" from the menu.

Now click the Mute box.





Hope this helps.



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