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Can't do Direct CD/DVD Printing to Epson Artisan 50

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I'm in the process of trying to print a label directly on a CD which is in my new Epson Artisan 50 printer's front CD slot. I can print labels with no problem using other label software but DiskEtch seems to be doing something funky that results in an Epson print status dialog being displayed that says:


"The Source selected in the printer driver is not appropriate for the CD/DVD tray that is loaded in the printer. Manually set the front tray in the lower paper position and load paper into the selected source".


The Epson 50 is a simple Inkjet printer that has 1 rear paper tray and a front loading CD tray.


Since DiskEtch does not launch the Epson driver interface automatically when I click on "Print" from within DiskEtch which launches the generic Windows print dialog, I click on the "Preferences" button and manually select the Epson printer "CD/DVD" source, type, etc. however once I print I get the dialog above ...and it's impossible to print to the CD/DVD directly.


This is extremely disappointing as I found DiskEtch to do exactly what I need to do (XML-based templates) and now I am unable to print labels directly to a CD/DVD.


Am I missing something or can this be resolved quickly? If not I'll have no choice but to abandon DiskEtch and find another application that supports my needs. I would rather purchase DiskEtch if I can get it to print labels directly on disc as advertised.


-Jeff (MCSD.net)

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I find it terribly disappointing that someone from the company hasn't responded to two (2) separate "Print direct to disc" issues posted here. I generally like the software these folks put out. In my opinion, they could increase sales a great deal by having better, more caring customer service. Perhaps printing directly to disc is impossible with this software? In either case, I would have much more respect for the company if it would handle this issue truthfully rather than to simply ignore it.

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