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ClassicFTP vanished!

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I purchased ClassicFTP after a trial period. It was running okay in the beginning except it kept losing connections every few minutes and it became extremely frustrating after a while having to reopen all the folders on the local and remote site to see them for uploading. Why does it disconnect me while the uploading is still going on? But that was not the biggest problem. Every time I close the program and reopen, which I have to do numerous times because the program freezes all the time, the window became narrower and narrower until I could see nothing inside, let alone work! I e-mailed the tech support to report the problem and ask the question, and they told me that I had to purchase the service plan to get the answers from them! Now, I don't understand -- I just purchased the application and it is not working properly and that is bad enough. How can you ask for more money to fix the problems that shouldn't be there in the first place?! Is it normal that an application doesn't work as it should and the customer cannot even get the answers to the question?

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