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unable to register & login with my SIP details... please help

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Hi All,


I am getting the following error(s) when trying to register a SIP in ExpressTalk VOIP Softphone V4.11.


Initially during the setup when I select "Yes I have a SIP account" and enter the details it says "Internet is not connected Connect to Internet and run the network setup wizard again". After that in the bottom of the program & log file it gives the following messages/errors:



11:49:48 Express Talk Run

11:51:08 Running SIP Network Tool

11:51:08 Checking Internet is Connected...

11:53:06 Restarting so settings take effect.

11:53:06 SIP Private IP is: 10.---.147.242:5070

11:53:07 STUN server failed: stun01.sipphone.com

11:53:08 STUN server failed: stun01.sipphone.com

11:53:08 The internet connection could be down.

11:53:08 Check local firewall is not blocking UDP port 5070

11:53:08 Also check STUN settings or use different STUN servers.

11:53:08 Unable to auto-detect public IP. Using private IP

11:53:08 SIP Public IP is: 10.---.147.242:5070

11:53:08 SIP Number: 17772950890@10.---.147.242:5070

11:53:08 Attempting to register sip:17772950890@callcentric.com

11:53:50 Server callcentric.com did not respond to register (user sip:17772950890@callcentric.com)

11:53:50 Check server details for that line



What could be the cause ? Please Help.


If it cannot connect to internet due to some reason where I can configure internet proxy in the program.


Thanks in advance


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I have the same problem. Have you solved it?





No Still facing the same issue. If anybody is able to solve this, please reply with how to resolve.

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