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Multiple Clip Addition to Sequence

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Hi all,


I am new to the software and I am finding importing multiple clips to be burdensome. What I would like to do is to effectively select all clips which have "No" under the Added column and add them to the VideoPad Sequence at the same time.


I have generated via OpenGl several different groups of tiff files that I want to load into VideoPad (submovies you could say). So my procedure is to load one group of tiff files into the MediaList, add it to the sequence in VideoPad at the end of the current sequence, and then load in the next group of tiff files. My groups are between 100-400 images. If all the files imported into VideoPad were magically in alphabetical order, then this might work, but that is too much burden to be placed on the user for sure.


Is there a way to do this in VideoPad? My best way is to ctrl-click every single image in the current group after it has been added to the MediaList which is so time consuming and then move those selected files over to the Sequence en masse.

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Hi, have you tried to click the top media file (in the media list), hold shift, then click on the bottom most file you want? this will select everything in between and then you can right click and select "add item(s) to sequence". I have done this with over 900 images at a time.

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Dcast has supplied the answer for adding multiple clips to the sequence.


If however you have already added various clips from the list then your "No"s will be mixed up with the "Yes"s either singly or here and there in blocks. You can only add the single ones singly or as Dcast suggests for the blocks.


There is no way of listing the "No"s separately from the "Yes"s which, in your case would be useful.


You may possibly be able to re-number/rename your images/clips and sort them into order (en masse) with a program such as Irfanview. (Free...and very useful) before you import them to VP.



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