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Screen stream eating disk space

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I'm using screen stream to test something, but it's constantly eating more and more disk space until the disk is full and it stops working.

Do any of you have an idea on how to solve this?


I reinstalled it on a clean pc, and it happened there too..


Have tried uninstalling, but it doesnt help, the disk is still full.

Tried ccleaner and empty recycle bins and all other temp files.


Need some help with this!

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Noone have this problem?

I've tried disabling the AntiVirus software, also uninstalling AV didn't help.


Tried disktools to find hidden files that are using diskspace.. no luck?


Any ideas?

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We are running into the same issue with disk space and recently we updated the hard drive to a larger one but i feel that it is only a bandaide until it is full again. Is there a cache file that can be set up to clear out every night or once a week in order to keep ths disk space from filling up?

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