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Windows 7 64 bit

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Does anyone else have a problem installing or using SoundTap with Windows 7, 64-bit?

I am using v2.02 now, but I have had ongoing problems right back to when I bought it a few months ago.

Problems range from not installing even though done in admin mode... all of a sudden telling me it's installed and needs a reboot, even though it's been running for a week... to locking the PC and BSOD!

On my 32 bit machine, it runs perfectly. Unfortunately, it's the 64-bit laptop that it needs to run on!


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I wish I had seen your post before I bought this turkey. Same exact issues on Windows 7 64 bit. I was using a previous version on a 32 bit system and it worked well, but that system developed a motherboard issue and I had to switch computers.

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