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I recently bought Express Accounts 3.29 and took advantage of "add on" discount to get Express Invoice 3.01.


I entered data on Accounts and it all seems to be working just fine. But when I began setting up Invoice I was surprised that it doesn't share the customer data table. Inventoria (I downloaded the trial version) does not share the Accounts customer or supplier tables either.


NCH's answers to FAQs say that these applications can't presently be "run from one program" (whatever that means), but that using the Update Express Accounts check box in the Apply Payments page of Invoice is functional. Frankly, I don't see how it is going to match the customer and invoice records if they are not pointing at the same table, and am worried that synchronising might delete my customer/invoice records in Accounts to replicate the empty corresponding table in Invoice.


Anyone aware if the applications can be configured to share data, and has anyone been able to test the the update feature?




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Hi H,


With Express Accounts 3.29 you don't need to use Express Invoice at all. The accounting and invoicing is all combined in the one package so you can do away with EI.


As for the inventory it is partly there in EA. Open your items list up and add your stock and you can also have stock control to manage your inventory levels. The only thing I havent found with the inventory and I hope it comes across is the ability to generate a purchase order to email to the supplier. I love this feature in Inventoria and would be nice to see it combined as well.


Hope this helps a bit to clear up a few things for you.



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I also bought ExpressAccounts plus on the strength that it would work with other applications in particular HourGuard which I find extreemly useful while working for multiple clients. I got to month end and wanted to generate my invoices from HourGuard and found that it would only link to Express Invoice and not to Express Accounts. I have sent a number of emails to support - for which I paid extra and have not had any response at all. The selection of this software was based on the fact that these two products would work together - but it appears they don't?


Perhaps I'm doing something wrong - but I do not see why I have to use Express Invoice when the Invoice section on Accounts plus is included and looks better! Can someone help me please?


Thank you



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