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Mpx format


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I bought many years ago a RCA Lyra Personal Disital Player in USA.


At this time it was state of the art with a 64MB Flash Card.


It only accepts .mpx format files, which if I recall was supposed to be the way of the future!!! Got that one wrong RCA!


Alos RCA insists that I have a USA address etc on WWW page to allow any questions to be sent to them, reports errors to foreigners like me!


So, I found the old player and hey it still works and plays very well, but all my files on card are years old, but good!


My senior moments are I cannot recall how I converted later mp3 to mpx files. There must have been a A disk or possibly a CD with the player, but now lost.


Can anyone advise how to do this conversion?


Thanks in anticipation.



RonMac (UK)

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