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I am wondering if you can customize the templates used in Express Accounts.


I want to change the column width of 'Unit Price' and 'Total' plus, if possible, add a Discount total amount.


More importantly, the invoice is missing the payment terms as set against the account. Is there a way to display this on the invoice template?





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Hi Brenden,


unfortunatly you can't edit the template for the column width's however when you do an invoice it should display the terms in the top right hand corner

something like this.


Tax Invoice



Invoice Number 111

Issue date: 7/2/2010

Due Date: 12/2/2010

Sales Person: Graham


I have had so many complaints from my clients as they miss the terms at first glance and have asked if it could just say


terms: 30days


or something similar


As for your payment options what I do is open the options, click on Invoice and in the Note Comment box I add them in there and when you print the invoice they are at the bottom.

With the discounts you could do a few things

1. put a -value as a line item

eg: -$50.00

2. you can turn on the discounts column in the options under the other tab. However this will only allow percentage discounts not dollar discounts



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I have another question about the template.

Is there any option to add total under column "Quantity" It is hours in my case.

And if "yes" how can I do it?

Thank you.

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You can change 'Quantity' column text to any custom text.

- Go to 'Options' -> 'Invoice' -> 'Invoice Text'

- Select 'Quantity Column Title' from the 'Invoice text items:' pull-down-list, and change the adjacent input box text to anything you like.

- Click 'OK' to finish.


Hope this helps :)

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