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down loaded bug fix have to buy program???

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Hi. I am using 4.27 (Paid) This program has bugs & when I sent in the bug it said download this "Patch" it was not a "Patch" & it wanted me to pay again... The program freezes when doing bookmarks & when I use the VST plug it cuts the highlighted portion in 1/2..? The vst DID work till I tried to down load the "Patch" after I uninstalled the "Patch" (which was new version 4.28), I reinstalled the version that I did have which was 4.27, then the VST did not work ? I am frustrated with this, why do "patchs" have to be a NEW program? why cannot bug patchs be installed singularly ?

When I buy a new car do they just give me a new car to fix a problem?

I sent an Email to "AJ" a couple weeks ago but have not heard any response, I posted here but got no response?


I have purchased 3 programs from this Co. & I have purchased wavepad several times, why such confusion?





Express Burn (Plus Edition)

Registration and Activation Code:

Name: cut

Location: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Express Burn ID - Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




Switch Sound Format Converter (Plus Edition)

Registration and Activation Code:

Name: cut

Location: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Switch Format Converter ID - Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




WavePad Sound Editor (Master's Edition)

Registration and Activation Code:

Name: cut

Location: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WavePad Sound Editor ID - Key: (xxxxxxxxx) << old keys.

New wavepad code



Have a good day cut

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