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foobar 2000

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I had to uninstall Broadwave, because it interferred with Foobar 2000 (v 9.5.3) This is high-end player that i use instead of Winamp (or whatever). It is my preferred player among all so far.


Both worked simultaneously for awhile but then it froze foobar, which is much more important to me. (As soon as Broadwave was uninstalled, foobar went back to working)


Perhaps they cannot be run simltaneously and some alternative is necessary?


It saves playlists as .fpl

Do i need to use a playlist? (don't really like to)

Do I need to use Windows Media Player?

Can I use foobar ( which I use to play .mp3, ogg and flac files) ?

or as I've gathered on the forum do I have to pick one ? ! ?


Here's my setup:

XP Sp3

Comcast cable (which may limit upload)

I'm not using the soundcard.

I am using the USB codecs.

I have Behringer mixer that has a USB interface ( both in and out )


I want to broadcast the sound from my computer pref w/ foobar.


I have no lan, routers, only windows firewall.


The reason you have so many demands on Technical Support is because NOTHING is obvious. The Forums, FAQ, Help, are not enough of a help ! ? ! (the usual in software)

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