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Broadwave freezes

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I have Broadwave on a dedicated computer, no other applications running. Static IP, Windows Firewall and other security off.


After a period of time the audio meter freezes. A new connection can be made but no audio is heard.


Stopping and restarting Broadwave server fixes the problem for awhile but then it reoccurs. Had this with v. 1.02 so I now tried 1.03. Same problem.


Windows XP with all latest updates from Microsoft.


Netgear FV318 router. Internet connection is static IP also.


This is a very low traffic site. Only one or two connections at a time.


Why is Broadwave freezing up?

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Have you used Task Manager to find out if the Broadwave app is still running, and if so, whether it's using any more or less resources?


Does the problem also happen if you connect from a local client, i.e. a PC on the same local network as the broadwave PC without going through the external internet connection?


You say that the audio meter freezes - this suggests that you are using a live input, so perhaps the problem is in the encoding. Try to connect with a different extension, use .asx or .mp3, whichever you are not using. This tests whether it's the encoder that's freezing.

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