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Stamp ID3 Tag Installation

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I installed the Stamp ID3 Tag software from the nchsoftware.com website. The url link I got this program from is http://www.mp3tag.de/en/


After I installed this stamp ID3 tag editing program, the program that came into my computer is called stampsetup.exe I double clicked on this icon and then I agreed to the terms and the program started installing. When the program is installed in to my computer, all that shows is the menu bar and the rest of the screen is white and I can't do anything with this program. A dialog box comes up qutie quickly saying I have a Runtime Error and another dialog box comes up saying a problem is encountered and I need to close.


I use Windows XP Home Edition.


I have uninstalled and installed the program several times now and each time it is the same result as I mentioned above. It is so frustrating. I would love to have this program back working, as I have only had this program for about a week and had no problems, and it worked great until today when all these problems were happening.


Any advice as to why this program is not working right for me, and how do I get it back working for me?

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