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getting public to see the player

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I just downloaded product. have it running on the local net work at our office. We have a radio station on air here in charleston. Question is: how do I use my hosting account to steam to the public. I have a dedicated server there. they do allow streaming. I ahve called them and the gave me the port (80) but when i insert the ip address and port in the options and connect ..i get it apperars to be a bromen link. when i look at the url the port number is no longer there . any help wouuld be appreciated have 6 other stations to stream.


Thanks tim

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Hi Tim,


Welcome to the forum.


You can't use the hosting server unless that server is running the Broadwave program.


Port 80 is the port for normal http browsing, so I presume the company think you want to serve up a normal website.


In the stream address you publish to your listeners, you need to:


- specify the Public IP address of the server running Broadwave (if it's on your local network, then it will be the public address your ISP allocates to that connection, and


- specify any port number you choose, so long as it's not being used already on that IP address. Broadwave suggests 85 or 88, but I use a different one again. That port number needs to be opened up in the firewall & router for the public internet connection being used by the Broadwave server, and the port is being forwarded to the local IP address of the Broadwave server.


If your hosting account allows just serving up static html with some minimal server-side functionality such as php, then you can't use it to serve up a stream from Broadwave. You will need to have a web page somewhere that points to the IP address & port number for Broadwave, but that's not usually on the same server as your web pages.

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