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Soundtap has stopped making recorded files

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I purchased the full version of soundtap, i suppose 6 months ago, and it has worked fine up until recently. I mainly record songs of internet (youtube etc) and all was normal i.e. when i stopped the recording it created a file on my desktop.


After not using it for a few weeks i opened it up as normal, started recording from the internet, however the internet's audio went off until i closed soundtap! and so no recording can be done. The same happens on an any internet clip i choose to record.



Even more recently I have noticed that it no longer creates a file when I've stopped recording despite checking the destination folder and trying different locations. Sound tap control panel seems to work as normal, just no file is created and the sound goes off the original audio when i try to record?



I cant reinstall it as i only seem to have a Soundtap uninstall programme and the main programme. I certainly don't want to buy it again to try another version.


any help pout there?




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