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Can't solve hum issue after recording...


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Just read some earlier posts....looks like it will be a b**** to get out the level of hum that i have...uggghhhhh


Dear Mad:


You may well be right!


Almost certainly you have a hardware problem. It is probably some sort of grounding problem, which gives even experienced audio engineers fits. There is no practical way that your problem can be diagnosed (and solved) by long distance communication. Unless there is something very obviously wrong with your hardware and/or system grounding, about the only way that you can get this problem solved is to find someone nearby who is knowledgeable in this area. If you do, and if this "someone" is not a friend, this may end up costing you Big Bucks.


In short, your prospect for success, without a significant effort and/or expense seems quite unlikely. The most important thing to be taken away from this experience is that it makes no sense to attempt to use software (such as WavePad) to correct for "hum" problems (I note that you have not analyzed, using WavePad, the completed recording to determine its spectral content in a selected portion which contains only hum but is supposed to be quiet) which arise from hardware and/or defective grounding procedures. Such an analysis can be quite useful in zeroing in on the nature and gravity of the problem). However, a novice WavePad user will almost certainly be unable to perform such analysis intelligently. This is the province of audio engineering.....


Would that I had a better answer--but I do not. However, I only have many years of experience in such matters, going back to those days before only a handful of individuals really understood these problems. However, some of our "knowledgeable" (more appropriately "smart---") participants here in this forum may presume to have the answer which rude and unhelpful people like myself cannot give you. That is, such an individual may be able to give you the "helpful" advice that he (or she, or both) thinks that you need. But then again, I am predicting that you will get silence (and more silence, and more silence, and......) from these "helpful" know-it-alls around here. Continuing silence is unlikely from the "Megomaniacs" or "Megomommas" or whatever these creatures call themselves, who are wandering about here in an anonymous fog, making occasional jabs which express their ignorance of what this forum is supposed to be about--which is of course what we can expect from fools :-).


Cheers :(




(telling it like it is!)

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