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Damian Lettie

RELEASE: Express Dictate v 5.04 for Windows

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Changes in v 5.04:

  • Added: Express Delegate support.
  • Added: Show an error message and abort when attempting to send or export a dictation that has an audio duration of zero.
  • Added: When enabling encryption for a recipient, the encryption key must now be typed twice.
  • Fixed: "Save As" can no longer save a dictation with an invalid file extension.
  • Fixed: "Save As" was saving DCT as encrypted if the last recipient the dictation had been sent to was configured to use encryption.
  • Fixed: Licence class check for enabling encryption.
  • Fixed: DCT and WAV file formats no longer share the same custom codec settings.
  • Fixed: Dictation duration is now updated if the application quits while a recording is in progress.
  • Fixed: When clicking the "Cancel" button during sending of multiple dictations, subsequent dictations are no longer sent.
  • Fixed: Dictations are no longer copied to the mirror / backup folder if the send failed.
  • Fixed: Focus no longer shifts to the Fast-Forward / Rewind buttons when the equivalent foot-pedal button is pressed.
  • Fixed: "Transfer from Portable Dictaphone" dialog's recording duration display now updates at the speed set in the "High Speed Transfer" option.
  • Fixed: The Help buttons on the Hot-Keys tab of the Options dialog and the "Add New Hot-Key" / "Change Hot-Key Command" dialog weren't working.
  • Fixed: The "Purchase License Online" link on the "Register" dialog was opening the web page twice.
  • Fixed: List column widths (main window, recover dialog) weren't being restored on application restart.
  • Fixed: The "View / Customize Main ToolBar / Send" menu item wasn't working.
  • Fixed: The default height of the Notes text box was too small.
  • Changed: Improved layout of options dialog tab pages.
  • Changed: Characters typed into the FTP password field on the Recipient page of the "Send to Typist Recipient Properties" dialog are now hidden.

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