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CallURL telephony board and IVM not detecting dtmf key press


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I have been trying to use ivm with fxo adaptor for weeks with no luck, so i thought to buy a new callurl board and I did.


After a long frastrating day I managed to make a call from my sip phone over to a land line using carusel.


But I am totaly unable to make ivm detect any key press tones from callers, ivm answers the call with no problems, and asks the caller to press 1 or 2 or 3 ... etc, wjen the caller press ivm is not detecting and keypress.


Both the ivm and the callurl 2vl telepnony borad are at defaults, and i don't know where to edit any thing related to dtmf on both ivm nor callurl.


Docs are very limited and have very little information about advanced troubles, seems very shallow, I hope some one can help me here to make ivm detect the dtmf.


Thank you.

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