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Found 11 results

  1. So I was editing a video, was on the outro, over 5 hours worth of work. I get up to close my door, then i come back to my pc all screwed up, frozen. It's happened in the past, I have to unplug it because it's so frozen the power button doesn't work. It's happened befrore nothing new. I am unplugging it, then the realization hit. All the 5 hours of work, gone. I remember that VideoPad has an auto save feature, and am a little bet less freaked out. When I open VideoPad I'm asked if I wanna load from Auto Save, I do, and it fails to. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/653822703853240350/707067544409866270/unknown.png This is the error I was greeted with. I look at recent projects, not in there. I look in documents, open Video Pad, look in the projects folder, and all there is is the templets folder. I look everywhere and no where can I find a way to fix it. Like is there anywhere I can see all auto saves?, as i accadently overwrited the auto save that failed with an empty one as when it failed to load it opened a blank project. PLEASE HELP ME. I don't want to have to repeat the 5 hours of work.
  2. So I am compling a video with 10 music tracks and a picture that's all but When I play the video or music in the program its fine, but when I export it the audio keeps cutting out in places …….arg this sucks, is there any other software I can use?
  3. So im not sure whats happening because if i watch the video on my computer unedited it works fine. i have sped up part of my hour long video to 1000 times and im unsure if that is the cause but i added in a transition, and the video that should show up after the transition is instead replaced by a buffering/looping of part of the project that is in the beginning of the video. the audio plays just fine, but the project does not load the rest of the video it should be. help? edit: i have tried slowing down the 1000x part of the video to 700x and that does not help. i have also tried making a new project and the new project is even more messed up than the initial one. is it because of the video length?
  4. over the last view days I was able to edit and upload my videos. But now it seems to be the cause where its failing to export the video. this just didn't happen one time. it happen a month back. but than resolved it self. I played with the setting but that seemed to do nothing I rest my computer tried to export again and it failed. I'm using the free version since I cant afford to buy the full version can you please tell me whats going on I see other costumers having the very same problem.
  5. Feeling embarrassed. Opening a new file in Video Pad. My file (a video I want to change) drops to left side. I see Sequence preview. I also see the video in clip review. I want to remove the last 1/2 of the video content, but all this screen gives me is a preview of about 40 seconds. How do I transition the full video onto the video track so I can edit it as I need to . I can't seem to find the icon that takes the video from PREVIEW mode. If I drag it onto the video and audio track, I still only get the PREVIEW option.
  6. A big problem I seem to keep having with VideoPad is that frames of video clips covered in layered multi video track editing come out visible in the export. This happens to only some video clips. Yes I've cleared unused cache files and it still happens. Another problem I've had which I'm not sure is fixed now is videos appearing later than they should as dictated in editing when they have nothing but space preceding them on the timeline. I put a blank text image before them to avert this and have stuck with it, so I'm not sure if it's been fixed by now. And thirdly, I often see certain clips being lower than expected frame rate than other clips, assuming this isn't merely a fault of the computer I'm using; a HP laptop that isn't a very powerful computer.
  7. OmegaGh


    So, I posted here recently not to long ago about a problem, that i eventually was able to somewhat fix. after deciding to report a bug and telling them what happened I was given a link to download a newer version (4.5) and it seemed to work on most of the effects, except for a few. I'll hit the 'fx' button on the picture or video that's overlayed onto the video itself and select scale once again, everything seems fine until I actually change the effects value for the scale, which automatically causes VideoPad to shut itself down due to an abnormal problem as seen here: I've tried repeating this over and over again with other content and the results are always the same. I'd like to know how to fix this issue soon.
  8. Hi, i've recently downloaded the updated version to the free NCH VideoPad software and a lot of the effects in the effects section seem to not be working correctly at all. For example, here is I am trying to scale a picture onto a video, using the scale effect, which simply does this during the effects process: http://imgur.com/zM7RWqV And here it is after I apply the effects to the picture: http://imgur.com/J2rQ99t This is becoming a huge problem for me and I was hoping someone on here knew what was going on and how I could get the effects to work properly, since it's most of them that's doing this, to whatever size picture and video. Thanks.
  9. This new version for windows 8 has a lot of bugs that can be fixed by NCH if they listen to us. 1`. switching between storyboard and timeline is not the same. I cannot see my when i switch between the two. I have to start out with one or the other. 2. The preview cuts off the tops of heads, but in the exported video, the video is fine. Poor preview. (exported instead of make video was making things complicated as well) 2. Transitions no longer show thumbnails of what the transition looks like. There will be more. I have just got started. Thank You.
  10. ClarkS

    Overlay Track

    Hello, I have noticed on the tutorails that there is a video track as well as a Overlay track. I do not have the Overlay track on mine. how do I get that to appear and stay so it is there each time I open Videopad?
  11. Everything I try to add my .avi video footage to the Video Pad I get a error message saying fail to load. I've looked all over the site for help and simply don't know what to do. I just start converting the files on the Prism Video file converter plus, but don't know if that is a waste of time or if there is something else I should be doing to get this files add. Please help me!!!!
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