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Found 15 results

  1. I am a complete novice with editing videos, but i am slowly learning on photo pad editor. I am struggling, trying to find out how if possible to make still image videos and moving videos that are from say 2-12 hours long from short scenic videos, stills. I want to do these for You tube. I do the usual draging images into the timeline and copy paste them but this is such a slow process when i want to do hours long videos, is there an auto system for this or anyway i can speed up making the video longer in quicker time?
  2. when I use premiere pro I can make a cut on the video timeline to insert a video clip and then sliding or "moving" the right side of the cut over to the right to make room for the new clip. When I try that on VP, the timeline portion that I move over to the right comes right back when I let go of it. there should be a way to move stuff to the right to make room for a new clip to insert. ???? I have VideoPad PRO, and the HOME edition too (on separate pc's of course) thanks tom karr 863-385-9486
  3. My wrist is tired from doing a scroll-wheel click and dragging; I don't feel like zooming out and then zooming back in on the appropriate point. Could we bring in Shift+scroll wheel as means of moving along the timeline?
  4. I'm new and your help has been a wonderful assist. I have a video timeline complete but near the middle is about a five second section that needs to have some saturation added to it. The rest of my timeline is perfect color wise. If I attempt to enhance the color my entire time line gets made too vibrant. How do I select that five second section and add saturation to that only. I've tried everything I can think of, read what I can find and still nothing. Would you please help me again? Thanks very much. Ron 🎞️
  5. I'm a new user of Video Pad 2018. Love the software so far. I know how to delete unwanted video, but CANNOT figure out how to cut out a section of the video and place it into another location on the timeline to make the story flow more clearly. I've used the two youtube videos below to try to help me, but I, nor any of my family members are able to make this work. What I want done seems fairly straight forward. I know we must be doing something wrong but cannot figure out what. Please don't just refer me back to the videos below, NCH technical support took me there and I still can't get it to work. Please help if you can with some step by step directions if possible. Thank you very much. Ron How to Trim Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npLB0leypn80 How to Split Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0uQBZnUrsQ0
  6. I just discovered a problem using VideoPad version 7.01 beta: 1. Put two random video clips into the timeline. 2. Drag and drop any image between the video clips 3. Drag and drop any image between image #1 and video clip #2 4. Click on image #1 (on the timeline) 5. Go to the clip preview and enter another length for image #1 6. If you enter a lower value, you get an gap between image #2 and video clip #2 (that's not really bad) - but if you enter a higher value, image #2 moves under video clip #2. So you have an overlay on the same video track and can't see image #2 any more on the timeline. You have to drag video clip #2 to another video track to be able to see image #2 again.
  7. Hi With a big project on the timeline and your editing position now a long way from the start, there are occasions when it is useful to refer to the storyboard at that position. Unfortunately when toggling to Storyboard mode the display moves back to the start of the project which is very annoying when you require to be at the cursor position. Also the cursor line moves to the far right of the screen when going into this mode and so there is no reference point to scroll the storyboard back to. With dozens of clips on the timeline this is an unnecessary extra task. On toggling back to the Timeline mode one does return to the editing point but without the cursor line which has remained at one screen from the start. Can this be altered so that change in viewing mode is always centered on the cursor? Nat
  8. Hi, I know that if one holds shift, you can click multiple clips one by one and then move them together. However while editing lots of parts of a video that have multiple clips working together (many short images, text and audio etc...) this ends up taking an incredible amount of time. Say I want to move 3 bars to the right, those 3 bars might have 20 little clips in different layers, so I would have to shift click them all, move them, and what if I want to move them again, back one space - you have to painstakingly clicking each one again??? It seems like someone else MUST have noticed this was a problem. Click-dragging over multiple clips one would think would be the obvious solution to highlight desired clips to move as a group, but click-dragging over items in the timeline seems to do nothing. Ctrl-A and holding alt while moving clips doesn't work, because that is of course moving all of the clips in the entire movie. Please please help.
  9. I think I messed something up. I have a "sequence preview" which shows in the inset window up top. I can proof the drop-ins where I place my text. I *used* to be able to see the preview in the LOWER window which was WAY easier. The cursor would move along in the lower window and I'd just pause it, drop in a block of text and resume. Now, I pause it in the upper window, find the cursor in the upper window and then find it in the lower window. Drop the text in the lower window and then go back up to the upper window to make sure I did it right. How do I get the LOWER window to be the Sequence Preview with a moving cursor? With love Erik
  10. Ayanami

    Small Timeline

    After continuing my edits on a recent project/video, my timeline, specifically all the boxes which represent video, text and images have now appeared small, decreasing in size and are almost impossible to edit effects such as transition length. How can I fix this?
  11. After continuing my edits on a recent project/video, my timeline, specifically all the boxes which represent video, text and images have now appeared small, decreasing in size and are almost impossible to edit effects such as transition length. How can I fix this?
  12. Miatpi

    Trim timeline

    Short question that I haven't found a solution to anywhere: Is it possible to only export a marked region of the timeline? Like, you have 5 min of clips but only want to export a part of it.
  13. Hi, I'm finally getting a hang of VideoPad, but i have a few queries and i'm sure once identified this will be THE SOFTWARE for me I'm looking for a way to change the timeline display to "frames" instead of the default "time" display. I could not find the hotkeys to move frame by frame on the timeline, is there a way to do so or to change/set hotkeys? It's quite straight forward getting to export the videos, but i couldn't find a way to export Uncompressed videos. Can this be done in the home edition, if not is it available in the Masters edition? It's not clear to me what are all feature available in the Masters edition... all that is mentioned on the site is this: "The "Master's Edition" registration has all features - unlimited audio tracks and plugins. You can use a single installation of VideoPad (on a single computer) without restrictions." Thanks in advance, HarryG.
  14. When I went back to continue work on my slideshow project I saw that only the first bunch of slides were to be seen on the timeline. However all the slides previously put on the timeline (sequence) were on the slideshow. It's just that I wanted to see them all on the timeline. Why is that? Thanks. John
  15. My storyboard and timeline have gone dark. Why did this happen? What does it mean? and most important: How do I undo in? Here is a screenshot: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing Thanx in advance, Danit
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