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Found 11 results

  1. After adding captions throughout an entire sequence, I need to insert a clip at the beginning. When I do this, the captions don't shift! 1. How do I lock the captions to the video? 2. If this is not possible, how best to bulk shift the timing of all captions (after the point of clip insertion, whch in this case is the very beginning of the sequence but might not always be so). 3. Should I be captioning via some mechanism other than "subtitles"? Thanks for your attention.
  2. Hello, thank you for great software, however I just have an issue with my subtitles. When I import srt file, the subtitles which are in Czech language don't display correctly. Seems like coding problem. Usually most of softwares have have an option to set font encoding but I couldn't find it in Videopad. My text looks like this: Up��mn� odpov�� it suposed to look like this: "Upřímná odpověď by byla" Thank you in advance for your reply.
  3. I am attempting use the Subtitles feature of VideoPad to put my website URL on the bottom of an hour long sermon. It is telling me that "Show must come before Hide." This I already know, but it won't let me input the appropriate timing. What am I doing wrong?
  4. For these couple years that I've been using VideoPad, the default subtitle size has always been 18. This size is way too big. I suggest the default size to be somewhere between 5 and 8. Big sizes are only good for YouTube thumbnails.
  5. Hello, I need to add a subtitle on a part of the movie, but it needs to contain a background color fill, so it blends in over the movie's yellow background (and also covers part of it - so transparent won't do). I added the subtitle with the yellow background, but a gray-ish border appears around the rectangle where the subtitles are, noticeably at the bottom and at the right. That is, the subtitle contains a border, that is not in the same color as the selected background. This rectangle does not appear when the subtitles don't contain any background at all. Why is this border being added (and in a color different from the selected background)?
  6. I have some videos which have Korean soundtrack and Thai subtitles burned in. I have english subtitles in SRT format. I have added the english subs with a black background to mask out the thai subs and exported the video in the same format as it was. Everything looks great with almost zero quality loss but every 15 minutes or so the video will freeze for about 5 to 10 seconds.I am just using the free version. I was going to buy it as it does a great job and is easy to use but if this problem persists I cant use it.
  7. What I'm really looking for here is advice. The context is that my goal is a DVD with three tracks. Two already exist in standard, 4:3 size. My current activity in VideoPad is the third track for this DVD. Windows and VideoPad say the source file (from a DVD) is 720 x 378 (or 40:21) but QuickTime calls it 640 x 378. When I make a DVD, it looks better in standard. All of the interest is in the center of the screen; the edges don't matter. I also don't know who will view this on a consumer DVD player and who will view it on computer. So I'd like to set it all up to be as universal as possible. The existing two have a little text at the beginning of each. But the current 10-min., 5-chapter VideoPad project will have four "title slides" (max. 60-70 char. but mostly much less) and a dozen or so subtitles in each of four chapters. And that's where the trouble starts. When I produce standard size, all the title slides need to be made smaller, but they look great in widescreen. But in *BOTH* sizes, my subtitles are cut off at the bottom. I fiddled with picture size on my widescreen TV but didn't improve upon the TV's native intelligence. All my subtitles are set at 5% size and I see that I can adjust the vertical margin. Setting it at 5 looks good on my computer screen. But I haven't gone and produced another two DVDs to check that out. Sooooooo ... I'm trying to simplify my life here. Given no idea how/where a DVD will be played (and little taste for re-working old files): 1. I'm guessing that producing 4:3 is safest. Yes? 2. What size type would you use for title slides? 3. What size should subtitles be and what would be your ideal bottom margin? 4. Or, am I worrying to much? Will the lettering and margin in a 4:3 video look about the same size (in proportion) on any kind of machine? 5. And as long as I'm at it, my subtitles are readable but look quite blurry. Any advice about sharpening them? The underlying video is not super-sharp. The title slides (larger font) look better. (The original camera files (AVI) look blurrier than file ripped from the DVD, which baffles me.) Apologies for such a long post and sincerest thanks, Jeanne
  8. I'm trying to add subtitles to a video project consisting of three types of clips: 1 a person talking to the camera, filmed in AVCHD format 2 a person teaching a class, filmed in VOB format 3 some blanks clips with text added I want to add the subtitles to the clips in AVCHD format, to give a written version of what the person is saying. When I start adding the subtitles to a clip, it all looks fine when I first test the sequence - but in subsequent playbacks, the subtitles appear late, and completely out of sync with what the person is saying. The time each clip starts and finishes does not correspond to the show and hide times that I've specified - they start a second or two later, with the gap getting longer and longer as the clip progresses. The problem is still there in Preview and after building a movie in YouTube format. Using text boxes instead of subtitles is not really an option - each subtitle is too short (just a few words of speech) to set the in and out points accurately. I'm using Videopad Professional v 2.41 Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong, or is this perhaps some sort of software bug? Would upgrading to the latest version solve this?
  9. I just exported a litle 4 minute video and when I played it i realised that the subtitles are missing. I opened the project and previewed it in the video editor (3.12) and I noticed a strange behaviour (if enybody encountered the same, plesae give an advice): the subtitles are well added (i see them when i clik the subtitles button) but when i preview the video they are not visible - but they become visible if I PAUSE the preview playback when the cursor is over the part where the subtitles should be, and then if i resume right after that (very strange)??? In the exported video the pause/resume trick doesen't work, of course. Any advice, would be great! Thanks, Marijo
  10. I've looked through everything, all of the support pages, and none lists how to add special effects to subtitles (such as text flying in). So my question is, is it even possible to add effects to subtitles or am I going to have to find 3rd party plugins to do such effects?
  11. I've looked through everything, all of the support pages, and none lists how to add special effects to subtitles (such as text flying in). So my question is, is it even possible to add effects to subtitles or am I going to have to find 3rd party plugins to do such effects?
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