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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Here's my issue: Every video and audio split generates a vertical line - handy for navigating. But with each line also comes a nasty-sounding click. I hoped these clicks would be gone after I saved the project and restarted the editor, but it wasn't so. How to get rid/prevent this clicks?
  2. Hi I am trying to create a video which has the screen tiled, each tile is a separately created video file. It's like the virtual choirs you see on Youtube. I have found out how to overlay video tracks, so I have 4 video tracks in my project, 3 overlaying the first one. I also used the Video Effect, split screen, to create a 2 x 2 array for each video track, putting each track into a different quadrant. However, when I play back the sequence all I see is one track occupying the whole screen. What am I missing here? Thanks
  3. So I downloaded the Home Edition of VideoPad and think it's great. However, I am editing a video currently and for some reason, as I move through the timeline editing, when I watch back there is a tiny snippet of another clip at the start of a new clip, it's super hard to explain but here is whats happening: So I have CLIP 1 which I put on the timeline and either split or drag to the length I want. I then add CLIP 2 next to that and do the same thing, so on the process goes of adding clips whilst splitting and dragging them to where I want them to be. So lets say I have seven clips that are chopped up pieces of one continuous piece of footage. Now at the start of CLIP 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 AND 7 is a half second snippet of CLIP 1. I have no idea why and am desperate for help!! Has anyone experienced this? It's an 8 minute video that has taken two days to make and is now basically useless! Clips at .MTS and .MOV files. Working on Windows 10. Just downloaded latest version of video pad.
  4. Hi, I made an account here to ask for help with a problem I'm having just now, I've been using Videopad a while now and I haven't had any issues, but just yesterday I noticed that whenever I split a video, even if there is no transition at all, Videopad decides to freeze the last frame of the previous clip for a second of so into the next one, eating away what was there already. - If I delete the previous clip (which is what I want, trimming the video) it plays normally only in the Clip Preview on the right, if I click on the actual "Preview" button above, there are missing frames, even if the audio plays normally. - If I leave both clips just with the split in between, when I open the Preview window it 'crashes' (just stutters a bit and pauses, not the program) at the moment of the transition, stops playback and won't go on even if I click Play again. - If I export, the same missing frames happen! - Now! If I make a screenshot at the time there should be something from the second clip and IT SHOWS in the Clip Preview, the screenshot itself also shows the frozen frame from before that should not be there!! I found this to topic that has the same problem I believe: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/22296-a-completely-blackblank-frame-in-between-two-different-clips/ But there was no definitive solution. I tried clearing the cache,, creating a new project, using other clips, splitting multiple times... Everything but reinstalling the program! As far as I know, I'm already at the latest version. I haven't tweaked any options before this started occurring. What is going on? I've been doing the same exact thing and it always worked, why is it now wonky all of a sudden? It's so frustratingly dumb, until I find a solution I can't keep working on editing my videos... It's not a recording issue, because I edited my other videos just fine and were recorded the same way. I'm now used to Videopad and quite like it actually, so I don't want to get another editor! Could someone please help me? Thanks in advance.😓
  5. Dear Wavepad Users and Admins, Firstly, I'd like to thank NCH for the existence and production of Wavepad Audio Editor. At this moment, I'm really new to the world of audio recording, editing, mixing, etc., and Wavepad offers me all the features and tools I currently need to develop my audio skills. In order to explain my problem, I'd like to give some brief information. I'm a novice bass player. Recording my practice sessions really benefits me regarding the development of necessary skills that allow me to fully express myself musically. I found out that I really needed a DAW that features the use of 'Bookmarks', because those bookmarks help me to efficiently create an overview of patterns, sounds, etc., and to quickly identify a certain pattern/sound during ánd after a recording. Finding out that Wavepad offered this feature was a lifesafer to me! Even more, I found that Wavepad had much.. much more to offer than just that. So, in a nutshell, I greatly enjoy using Wavepad. It enables me to efficiently record, mark, edit, and mix my music, with the knowledge and skills I currently have. So, I thank you guys for creating this awesome audio editing software!? I'd like to give some information before adressing my problem, so you are hopefully able to understand the problem. The main point of this brief information is this: The main feature a DAW has offer me, is the use of Bookmarks and being able to save audio files according to their assigned Bookmark's Name. Right, now I'll mention the problem I experienced lately. In order to get more familiar with Wavepad's features I decided to give myself an assignment, which demands me to use each feature I found necessary to get familiar with. As an 'assignment' to myself I recorded some random gibberish and inserted a few bookmarks. My goal here is the following: - Save these 'split' files while each file keeps their assigned Bookmark's name (Problem) Below are the steps I take to achieve this during such an assignment: Record something, insert two or three Bookmarks where necessary, and Name them. Save the original file, name it accordingly. Go to the original audio file opened in Wavepad and split them at the bookmarks. (Each individual file now has the name: ProjectName_Bookmarkname_Filetype). In the Menu of 'Splitting Files', I click on 'Save to Folder', select the appropriate folder, set output name, and click on 'Split'. Appearance of Error Message: "One or more of the split files was not able to be saved.'' (read: None of the split files are saved) I looked this problem up at the Wavepad Forum and found a thread in which an expert and guru gave advice to a problem, which was 90% similar to mine. So I tried their advice, and this is what I tried: Record something, insert two or three Bookmarks where necessary, and Name them. Save the original file and name it accordingly. Go to the original audio file opened in Wavepad and split them at the bookmarks. (Each individual file now has the name: ProjectName_Bookmarkname_Filetype). In the Menu of 'Splitting Files', I click on 'Open in Editor'. Close original file. Save first split file with 'Save File As..' and name accordingly. Open the second file in Wavepad and click on 'Save All Files'. Here I click on the first split file so the name appears in the title bar, and add the bookmark's name like: ProjectTitle_Bookmark'sName. From this point on I experience problems. It's hard to remember each split file's bookmark title when I have to split a 60-minute-audiofile into 18 seperate segments. It would be great if Wavepad enables the user to save 'Split Files at Bookmarks' with the 'Save All Files' option, and that each file keeps the Bookmark's name. However, this doesn't seem to be a possibility, as far as I have seen, found, and experienced. My question to you all is, do you have any advice or suggestion for me to get this done - if this is possible of course. I thank you in advance for your reply, because this thread is quite extensive. However, I'd like to explain myself as best to my ability, so to inform you well about my situation and experienced problems with Wavepad.
  6. When I split a music file into, say, 15 smaller files and then hit ´save all files' WavePad saves the 15 files to hard disk (as it should) but at the same time puts 15 shortcuts to the files out on the desktop. Why (I mean who would want that) ? And how do I prevent such a creation of shortcuts ? Cheers Morten Levy, Denmark
  7. I just installed version 3.00. Yuk. I can't simply "split" (cut) an audio clip and move the individual sections around like the previous version. Or am I missing something?
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