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Found 5 results

  1. When creating a new invoice, EA requests a compulsory deposit account with the following default options; checkIng account, savings account, Undeposited funds, petty cash, and Credit card. My problem is which account to choose or create since my clients can pay for the same invoice by cash/check or bank deposit among others. Please help me create the appropriate account. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been using Inventoria for a while right now. But after last update I found it really hard to check my monthly sale. It use to be simple I've been chosing a date range and all the records showed to me. Right now window pop's ups saing: Building sales History. Below i'm attaching a picture. Please advise what I can do? It's taking to long to check monthly sale history for 500 items. Thank you Kind regards Piotr
  3. We are running Copper version 1.25 and Inventoria version 3.42. They sync together with no issues. When I make a sale in copper it automatically removes it from the inventory. My problem is that I want a more detailed sales report. When I do the report in sales, I can only do it by transaction or item. I want a report that tells me the sales for each category. For example, we are a bicycle shop so we sell bicycles, bicycle parts and bicycles accessories. We would like a report that tells us how many sales (amount of sales) that were bicycles and how many were accessories. Is there any way to do this?
  4. Hello! If anyone knows, please let me know. Will be very usefull!!! Rgrds!
  5. I updated Express Accounts and it seems that I can no longer track the sales tax that I pay on expenses into my "sales tax paid 2" account. In my previous version express accounts would record a running total of the HST I have paid under 'sales tax paid 2' (2 being for the second year in business I guess) and when I run a balance report it would show sales tax paid 2 on the report as well as sales tax collected. Now when I process expense payments it just keeps track of the HST I paid under some random other account and when I go to "options > tax > HST" and then "sales tax paid", I can't select the "sales tax paid 2" account from the list! It only seems to show expense accounts there, but where it says "sales tax collected" I can still choose the "sales tax collected 2" account. What the heck is going on here? I can manually edit the journal entry back to "sales tax paid 2" and it will update the running total but its so unnecessary as it worked fine before. Here are a couple of pics to help describe the situation. PLEASE if you know the solution here, let me know - I would very much appreciate it.
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