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Found 25 results

  1. JimmyRustle

    Release Note v6.28

    Little late but here's a release note for version 6.28: Provide downloadable template projects Added file size estimate in export dialog Preserve track clip fade-ins when using drag-drop-and-replace Fix possible crash when using effects dialog Can now change audio stream on the fly for a video with multiple audio streams (Right click in bin -> Select Audio Stream). No longer need to re-import to select a new audio stream. Version 6.29 is basically the same with a few bug fixes: Fixed black frame at the end of a fade-in. Fixed cache bug when resizing overlayed track Fixed potential crash when splitting a clip with the Censor effect on it
  2. c_major

    Release Note v6.24

    This is a follow up bug fixing release with some UI adjustments including: Revised UI for creating DVD movie. Allow lossless export to OneDrive. Fixed a bug that occasionally caused crash when editing green screen effect.
  3. c_major

    Release Note v6.23

    New: Revised Export Dialog. Cleaner layout and added tool tips. Export settings are now saved with the project. Last export settings from a different project are nolonger used. Ability to use bookmarks as DVD chapter menu. Fixed: Fixed lossless export can not end. Fixed a bug caused crash during export. Fixed in some cases unwanted frozen frames appeared on the sequence.
  4. c_major

    Release Note v6.21

    New: Improved preview and cache performance and image quality. Revised Subtitle dialog. Timeline/Storyboard window can now be undocked as a separated widnow. New video effects: Directional Blur Spotlight New effect options: New color option for text shadow. New intensity option for Ripple effect. Better handling for Zoom and Crop effect widget. Radial gradient option for blank clips. Transparent option (percentage) for text background. Effect mask now can be dragged in a whole by grabbing the inside area. Support uploading to Vimeo. New supported image format: JPEG XR, JPE. New toolbar tab - Effects. Subtitle dialog now auto saved in case of crash. Timeline cursor now matches when switch between Timeline mode and Storyboard mode. Add Last Changed Date column to media bin. Fixed: Fixed the fade transition make white text look greyish. Fixed color of hyperlinks in Export Dialog. Fixed corssfade audio doesn't work after the project is reloaded. Fixed single channel audio panned to the left. Fixed varies speed change issues. Fixed Export All Sequences sometimes exporting with wrong bitrate. Fixed numerical markings on Storyboard not updating when scrolled. Fixed a crash bug caused by varias sound devices. Fixed a rare issue that transition at the last clip sometimes generate blank frames.
  5. c_major

    Release Note v6.00

    New: Added Tutorial page. New color picker dialog. Added 3D stereo preview options (instead choose from the options when opening clips). Fixed: Preview cursor skip to end when an effect is applied to the Sequence.
  6. c_major

    Release Note v6.10

    New: Full screen mode for both Clip Preview and Sequence Preview. Previous Preview window is obsoleted and removed. High definition preview cache for Sequence Preview. This is a separated cache rendered in HD resolution. HD cache is activated by enter fullscreen mode from Sequence Preview. Import and export videos with surround sound (multi-channels). Surround sound position effect. Support WebVTT subtitle format. Export and upload to OneDrive. UI tweaking. Fixed: Speed change and reverse video clip causing preview performance drop. Improved timeline navigation performance. Potential crash if the audio has only one channel.
  7. c_major

    Release Note v6.01

    New: Added buttons to change start/end point on Clip Preview cursor tool popup. Added menu item File -> Export All Sequences which allow the user start exporting all sequences in the project in one go. Added option to show uploaded video on social media from export queue dialog. Added Blur transition. Buttons on time line clips shown in color if activated. For example the FX button will appear blue after an effect is applied. VideoPad will try to open the last project (regardless version difference). Fixed: Playback engine has been re-worked to use CPU more effectively. Previewing video clips is now faster and smoother.
  8. c_major

    Release Note v5.32

    This is a follow up release for v5.31. Bugs fixed: Transition freeze if left clip has speed change and effect applied. Fixed clip preview control panel buttons always appear pressed down after the first click. "Insert transition frames" option is disabled unless the clip being slowed down. Fixed some buttons icons has black color and don't stand out from the background.
  9. c_major

    Release Note v5.31

    What's new: Introducing dark theme GUI. We are still gathering feedback and users will have 50% chance to get dark UI when you install VideoPad. The theme can be changed by uninstall and reinstall VideoPad. Added new sound effects: Normalize Noise removal Low pass VST plugins
  10. c_major

    Release Note v5.20

    New: Added Equalizer audio effect. Allow to select one of the audio tracks when importing a video with multiple audio tracks. Added option to disable inserting dissolved frames for slowed (via Speed Change) clips. UI tweaking: For beginners, some of the advanced features are hidden from the UI until the project getting more content. Can now drag clips between media bin, preview windows and the timeline (before we can only drag from bin to timeline). Re-arranged tool bar buttons. Added more options to right click menu on clips. Added hint messages. Fixed: Fixed "Building Preview" appearing too often makes playback not smooth. Fixed Fade Out effect not applied properly if start point is not at the beginning of the clip Fixed an issue burning Blu-ray disk.
  11. c_major


    This is a maintenance release for polishing existing features and fixing bugs. Below are some of the noticeable changes and fixes: Changes: When Clip Preview showing a clip on the timeline, the timeline cursor will be linked with the preview cursor. i.e. Viewing an audio track in same proportion as video. Text and Title clip edit windows now can be moved by dragging the title bar. Speed change can be applied by setting the duration of the clip. Added UI widget for Censor effect. UI improve for Pan and Zoom effect. Fixes: Black screen at the end of exported video is removed. Fixed burnt Blu-ray DVD can't be played after certain time position. Fixed sound not playing in a rare case. Fixed audio synchronize issue for lossless export Fixed Green Screen effect produce darken edge.
  12. c_major


    New: Added new title templates. Title templates are clips contain specified animation effects. The duration of the animation can be adjusted independently. There are 11 title templates added in this release. Added new export feature - Lossless export. This feature will export sections from the input video without decoding and re-encoding therefore the export is much faster and without quality loss. Below are requirements to export a section losslessly: The input video codec is H.264 or MPEG4. Input resolution and frame rate must be the same as output. No overlaying which means the section can only contain one track. No effect applied. No transition. If a clip contains a transition, the section that covered by the transition can not be exported losslessly. Lossless eligible sections must occupying more then 10% of the sequence. Added import/export support for APNG format. APNG format employed lossless compression and allows transparent background (alpha channel). A video project can now be uploaded on to YouTube as 360 degree video. Fixed: Pan & Zoom effect does not work properly if start/end point has changed. Fixed issues uploading videos to YouTube and Facebook. Fixed in some cases transparent overlaying produce incorrect color. Fixed issues for text with empty lines.
  13. c_major


    Fixed missing clips when loading projects.
  14. c_major


    New: Ability to preview video clips in 360 degree mode by click on the "360" toggle button at the bottom of the preview windows. Added "Place in 360" effect which can be used to overlaying normal 2D clips on to a 360 degree video. Re-implemented how image sequences work: An image sequence are now represent a serial of images(in alphabet order of the file names) in a folder. Sub folders are not taken into account. An ISQ (file extension) file is created in the image sequence folder after imported. ISQ files can be opened and added into VideoPad as a video file. Image sequences can now be imported into VideoPad without being converted to AVI. Image sequences can now be lossless when saved as images with lossless compression (e.g. PNG). Ability to import/export image sequences with transparent background. Alpha channel of the images are preserved. Fixed: Fixed exported video freeze in between the gap of two clips with effects applied. Fixed exported DVD freeze at some point.
  15. c_major


    This is a polished version of the last release with various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  16. c_major


    What's new: We can now overlapping video clips in a transition instead of freeze the video. The option for overlapping clips for transitoins can be found in Options dialog Editing tab. Most of effects and transitions are now done in GPU (hardware accelerated) if avaliable. The option for using the GPU for effects can be found in Options dialog Editing tab. Added option to apply sound crossfading when creating video transition. This option can be found in Options dialog Editing tab. Added support for H.265 encoding(export). Export settings have been revised to produce much better quality output by default. Preview frame rate now can be set to a point number. Improved backup file creating behavior. Fixed: Optimized performance and memory usage when exporting. Fixed unwanted black frame at the end of exported video. Fixed shake effect not work for clips less then one second. Fixed Sound fading in/out does not work properly.
  17. c_major


    New: To make effect editing more intuitive, we added the following view options to Clip Preview to display: the clip only the clip with underlay clips composed sequence for the clip's duration [*]Added Link/Unlink buttons on Clip Preview. [*]Make black and white effect optional in Old Film effect. [*]Added more options to Page Curl effect. Fixed: Fixed black screen occasionally added at the end of the video. Fixed media list always scroll to top after adding a new media.
  18. c_major


    This is a follow up release for last week's release. New: Grid lines and snapping for effect keyframe animation editor. Pan & Zoom (Ken Burns) effect. Fixed: Minor issues.
  19. c_major


    This version is a maintenance version. Below are some of the issues had been fixed: Improved preview performance, reduced buffering time. Fixed exported DVD on some devices can not be playback smoothly. Fixed output frame rate is not stable when mixing videos with different frame rate. This issue caused some animated effects do not look smooth after export. Fixed issue rendering text in right to left languages VideoPad no longer automatically converting audio sample rate to 48k Hz. Edit: Change for audio sample rate has not been applied.
  20. c_major


    New: Added zooming and scrolling controls to effect animation editor. Added right click context menu to effect animation editor. Added "Append effect chain to selected" (instead of replace) button. Changed effect mask behavious. Now the mask itself are also effected by transformation (i.e. position, rotation, scale and motion) effects. Added Clear Mask effect which clear previous mask in the effect chain. Fixed: Hardware accelerated effects causing crash on some display drivers. Fixed audio position is incorrect when export only a section of the sequence. Fixed transparent pictures with soft edge are displayed incorrectly. Help pages are updated.
  21. c_major


    This is a bug fix release. Fixed a bug which caused hanging.
  22. c_major


    New: Revised effect dialog UI. Now it's a floating tool window and interact with Clip Preview window. Ability to use curves (not only straight lines) to animate effects. Ability to save effect chains as templates. Saved templates can be found in the Add Effect list. Ability to apply effect chain to multiple selected clips. Fixed: Exported video freeze if compute go to sleep while exporting. Unexpected back space at the end of speed changed clips. Videos are not smooth while exported to 60fps. Missing "Keep borders" option for Shake effect.
  23. c_major

    VideoPad v4.30

    This is a quick release mainly for fixing exporting issues. New: Raindrop video effect Un-link button for audio clips Fixed: Random crash on exporting Issues when exporting two clips next to each other with hardware accelerated effects. e.g. Color channel got messed up. Unwanted border on subtitles Extra one frame in exported clips Problem of loading large MPEG-2 streams We left some problems to be fixed in later version.
  24. c_major


    Effects/Transitions: Added Split screen effect Added Interlace effect Added Shake effect Added Puzzle transition Added Random transition Added Text/Subtitle Shadow Mask now works inside or outside Playback/Preview Improvements: Significant playback/preview performance improvement Preview frame rate can be changed Improved full-screen preview (auto-hide panel, click to play/paused) Increased preview resolution "Building Preview" screen is replaced by a small and animate "caching" message Misc. improvements: Improved video capture dialog layout and made it resizable
  25. c_major


    New: Transitions - Bounce, Blinds, Tile Flip, Doors. Exporting in a background queue. Mark to indicated if a clip has been added to the sequence. In-place tool bar for timeline cursor. Improved preview control panel. Fixed: Ocationally freeze in the middle of transitions. Default qulity is low for MPEG codec.