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Found 37 results

  1. I have recently purchased Soundtag but am a little disappointed with the results. After starting a recording the sound source stops and Soundtap stops recording after only a few minutes. Once I close down the SoundTap the sound source ie Youtube starts again. At first I thought this might be some limitation with YouTube to prevent piracy but the same also applies to other video smade by myself or any others sound source. I am running Mac OS 10.15.4 and Soundtag V6.06
  2. I have an existing video I would like to record a video of me singing or playing instrument to. I can play the video, click the record button and record a video and sound just fine, but I would like to be able to hear/monitor what I am doing in the headphones while still hearing the original sound. This would help to stay on key!
  3. I have Mixpad and a PodXT hooked up via USB and through a Black star Amp with a Guitar. I have used this same configuration for a while now, and I was always able to record with it, using the registered version of Mixpad. I went to record today and Mixpad keeps telling me that There is a problem with the recording device, please check that it is plugged in. It also tells me there is a recording error when I hit record after the first "there was a problem" message pops up. It says the record device is not ready. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm new to this and I have downloaded software to make my music but the software will only record external sources. How do I change this so it can record what i make on my PC? Thanks in advance
  5. Suecb


    Hi Can't seem to record using my Samsung USB mic with my Wavepad----when I hit the RED record button a box keeps coming up ERROR It worked fine two weeks ago.
  6. We're using Debut just fine, capturing both video and audio, but the audio through the speakers is only heard prior to starting recording and on playback of the recording but not during the recording. As soon as we click Start Capture, we cannot hear the audio and we need to. Can anyone advise a solution that allows us to hear the audio *while* the recording is occurring ? The PC has Windows 7 Pro on it. I have heard some stories that Microsoft might have reduced some of the audio functionality when it comes to recording from external devices. Others indicate that we should be using the Listen option inside the audio configuration panel for the Line In, but why does the audio cut off in the first place when recording using Debut and is there a configuration setting within Debut that can allow audio output to go to both the capture file and to the PC's speakers at the same time while recording ?
  7. My apologies if this problem has already been raised. At age 74 years and new to a lot of amazing software I'm very ready to seek immediate help. I have installed SoundTap v 4.00 Licensed software on a machine running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1. Full specifications (from Piriform 'speccy') at http://www.randomvoting.com/exhibits/ERIC-PC_speccy.txt The Sound input device option is set at Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition). 'Also record from microphone' was un-checked. It's the Labor Day holiday weekend in Western Australia and I was trying to record a YouTube version of 'The Internationale' (Video URL at https://youtu.be/xJB3aRd-q74 ) for the benefit of an aging relative who is unable to reach the computer desk. The video is of 4:29 duration. But I couldn't get a continuous recording. What I kept getting was a series (see a typical list below) of .wav files that appeared to have no discernible pattern. 05/03/2018 04:00 PM 11,687,530 2018-03-05 155903.wav 05/03/2018 04:00 PM 467,474 2018-03-05 160019.wav 05/03/2018 04:00 PM 1,329,746 2018-03-05 160024.wav 05/03/2018 04:01 PM 4,847,390 2018-03-05 160034.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 9,946,358 2018-03-05 160104.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 1,354,158 2018-03-05 160203.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 1,291,590 2018-03-05 160212.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 414,834 2018-03-05 160224.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 527,698 2018-03-05 160230.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 157,246 2018-03-05 160234.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 176,790 2018-03-05 160236.wav 05/03/2018 04:03 PM 10,463,654 2018-03-05 160239.wav Is there a way I can get the entire 4:29 minutes into one continuous recording? Or do I need RecordPad to do the job? Eric, in Thornlie, Western Australia.
  8. I've been wanting to start a Let's Play for Pikmin for a long time now. It was only recently I finally got the equipment needed to start recording off my Wii to do this. When googling what software would be good to use for recording from a video adapater, I found the NCH Debut Video Capture. I downloaded it, and immediately started recording a few sessions. But the problem I'm facing now, is that my recordings are coming back out of sync. Sure, they start out fine, but by the end of a 45-50 minute recording, my sound is several seconds ahead of my video. I need help! I've googled, I've downloaded numerous softwares, I've tried every tweaking everything and I can't fix my recorded files! (Seriously I've done everything. I've tried slowing my audio, speeding up my video, adjusting the FPS...once I think I find a solution it ends up being all wrong. One attempt at adjusting the fps rate I managed to sync up the end bit of the video, but the beginning was then out of sync. How the heck does that happen??). I don't know what can be done, if anything at this point, to fix the sync issue I've currently got. It seems like it shoudl have a simple fix, and there are plenty of people who have had this same issue, but I can't seem to find any fix! Then there is the issue of how to prevent this from happening with future recordings. Just what is causing it to start with, and how can I correct it?? I thought I fixed it by changing the Video Options and checking the "Change Frame Rate" box with a frame rate at 30, but it didn't do diddly difference with the next video I recorded. Please someone who is more knowledgeable with this stuff, I need help!!
  9. Hello there, I am recording my work on Ableton Live and the sound in the recording comes out fine on both ends (left and right) but my voice output (recorded from a microphone) only comes out from the left monitor/headphone side. How can I fix this?
  10. Hey! I been having some difficulties with editing a recording I took. I am trying to single out the background conversation of the clip. If anyone has any helpful info or would be willing to fix it up for me thatd be great!
  11. Hello MixPad community, as you can guess by the title of this topic I am having some issues with recording anything in MixPad. The recording randomly stops, with no pattern whatsoever. I think at this point I have seen almost all the possible combinations. I tried figuring out the issue but even with no inputs whatsoever it still behaves like that. I am recording with an Audio Interface, using its ASIO driver and everything, in terms of recording itself, is working properly. I checked the processor while recording and it used about 4% of it's capacity and there is a sudden spike to around 10% when it stops recording. At this point I am at a loss because I tried everything I personally could think of. I tried spamming the record button, I tried recording an empty track and then record another real one but without any effect. The second one stops recording randomly again. I can confirm that this issue has to do with MixPad because I downloaded a free recording software just to see if it was my interface and the stopping didnt occur then. But of course I want to use MixPad to record and mix. With the random stops I cant work properly so I hope that you can help me solve this. It is frustrating. My regards
  12. I want to record several things with sound, but cannot figure out how to do it. For example how to record with sound 1.something that is streaming from youtube, 2.a lecture that is streaming live. How do I do the sound settings? . Specifically, how do I use the "Filter drive" and "mm device"? part of the problem is that I dont understand the technical language: what does "system audio" mean? what is the meaning of "another application"? what is "administrator privilages"? thank you
  13. I am trying to record the song while music track is simultaneously playing. I record the song perfectly in the rythem and proper beats. but when I replay the song the beats are totally mis matched with the song
  14. jcampo2

    blurry recording

    the screen I am recording is crystal clear but every video I record comes out blurry. Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix it? my settings are AVI video compressor: H264 (native) video quality/bitrate: high quality/ larger filesize
  15. Hi! I need your help and I would like to record sound and voice of a call, originally it can be done from a normal headphones that have stereo input, however when I connect with plantronics headphones that have USB input, when recording a call only record my voice and not the audio of the other person with whom I speak. Please what settings should I do to work properly from my plantronics hearing aids?
  16. so I just went to my local computer store ... according to him, I should not be having this issue related to ram ... or anything else regarding my pc... I have an I5 laptop with 4 gigs of ram... my issue is when I record the video itself is not only out of sync but displaying faster than the sound... as though it is set to 1.5x or 2x somewhere in the settings .... however it does this randomly... other times it records at regular speed but simply be out of sync... and there are other times when it does not have any issue at all... i have just un installed and newly reinstalled the program itself... i am not sure what the issue is at this point... so i thought i would try here before spending money on ram or something else that would not fix the issue i am having... wondering if anyone else ever faced this issue and was able to fix it... using debut 3.01 i5 4gigs of ram
  17. guy500

    Recording Quality

    Hi When recording from the PC (from Soundcard via WAVE/MIDI/CD), I notice that there is a slight tinny sound to the recording quality. This is noticeable when I play back what I have just recorded, and remains it is saved as a file. This does not happen when using other editors to record. However, I do not want to switch to another editor, as I really like Wavepad and feel comfortable using it. Does anyone know why this could be happening and how I can remedy it? I am recording in 44100Hz in Stereo. Hope someone can help.... Guy
  18. After posting http://nch.invisionz...udio-interface/ yesterday, I have found that the issues exist with not just the Helix but also with my UA Apollo Twin. When using an external interface: 1) I can play pre-recorded tracks until I record - see 2; 2) I can record on tracks but when I attempt to replay them the system locks and will not play back any tracks. 3) On reaching this point MixPad will not play back or record any tracks unless I close and re-open Mixpad - then I am back to stage 1. The problem appears to be the audio device setting under Mixpad, Preferences. If this is set to built-in, Mix pad works even if recording from an external interface but to listen you have to use the computer output. It will also work on the default output setting IF the system is set to use its inbuilt audio. Any other setting here causes the chain listed above. Mixpad is not practical for me to use to me as it stands but I think it will be an excellent software choice when it does work so hopefully you can help! Has anyone else come across this issue on MacOSX? Thanks.
  19. I have an Aspire 6930 Windows Vista laptop. Using the Crystal Eye camera I downloaded Debut Video Capture in January but it now stops recording after about 90 seconds. I get a window that states: Unable to record. Encoder error: check encoder options - I never had that problem before. Having looked at the encoder options I do not see anything wrong but something might have changed without me knowing(?) This is why I downloaded NCH Debut Video Capture today, thinking it would correct the problem but it doesn't record at all. I have an Aspire 6930 Windows Vista. Any suggestions?
  20. Hi, I try to record at 48000/44100, but get the message "Continue recording at 96000 samples per second". What is wrong? I have tried reinstalling, changing sample rate etc. User error or bug?P Henrik
  21. Just made my first recording - 42 minutes from TV. But when I play bach. the picture disappears after 12 minutes, and instead this text shows up: Screen Recording Mode. And another problem: If I use pathfinder to click at the file, there is no picture at all, only sound.
  22. Hi, Can someone please help me with this: I am thinking of buying a new tablet but I need it to be able to play files that are similar to those used in museums. It is a file that will be activated in the touchscreen tablet, with icons to be selected and the respective audio/sound recording will play. Please tell me what kind of file name/format this is?? Need to be able to communicate with the sellers online before I make the purchase of 8 tablets!! Many thanks!!
  23. Can anyone advise me if this possible and, if so, how it can be done ? Thanks. Robin.
  24. I adore this program, although that prompt is the worst part of it. Most "recent" (v 6.05), I recently downloaded it.
  25. I adore this program, although that prompt is the worst part of it.
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