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Found 22 results

  1. Videopad not able to handle video effects on overlay used 8.63 version. I am using a paid version of videopad. i emailed them with my registered email id. Some steps were told i followed everyone of them to the T. the version that was asked to install in the instructions was 6.01. when i did it woudnt open the file that was edited in version 8.63. there was a updates beta version of F 8.64 which was unreleased i tried with that also but the effect was same as version 8.63 with the hang ups crashing. the laptop i m using is lenovo i7 10th gen processor with 16 gb ram with nvidea 4gb graphic card. earlier i used videopad in mac - this software was running better in mac but in windows its not performing the same. i regret buying this software. its not only wasted my money and my time.
  2. I have edited my video. It looks fine in the preview on VideoPad, but when I export it, it does not show the overlays. The video freezes, but the sound continues. I have tried to export in a variety of formats and to social media services, and other devices.
  3. Working to use an already wonderfully produced video (with permission, we're a reseller) and replace the background and other corporations branding. created new background, need to intricately cut out where I want the original video to show through the new background (setting up as an overlay) BUT cannot figure out how to create transparent portions of image used in the overlay. Can I make several sections on one mask transparent to show the video underneath...if so, how?
  4. I am trying to prepare a video project for next week. I am trying to overlay a still image that I have over certain parts of a video clip, essentially so that parts of the video are masked. I have been trying to use the Add Objects > Add Overlay Image function to do this, since that sounds appropriate, but cannot figure it out. I am not very tech savvy, but can certainly follow simple instructions. Please help me!
  5. I have made a video, which contains, in parts, overlays of one video [in top right corner, i.e. inset] over another, however, in some parts it works fine, but in others the main video does not show, only an blacked out screen, except for the small overlay in the top right corner. If I remove the overlay then the background is fine [where it's the only video]. My background is set as video 1, and my overlay [inset] is video 4. I really don't know what happened to videos layers 2 and 3, or how to reveal them as I cannot see them on my screen [jumps from 1 to 4]. Not sure if that's part of my problem though. Any ideas where I'm going wrong, or if there is a setting in the overlay that says that any piece of screen not used by the inset should be blacked out? For info I use the following FX on the inset: Scale 0.4 / 0.4 horizontal/vertical ratio, and position 27 / -27 thanks Diarmuid
  6. I loaded a video, and an image. Added both to different channels in the timeline. Shrunk (resize tool) and positioned (same tool) the image. First bug- how do I consistently get the preview window to show the image overlayed above the video. Often the preview only shows one or the other. This is very inconsistent. Feature request - when using the Size and position tool show all channels - I need to see the video to know where to position the image and the best size. Second bug - when I export to a video file, the image is much bigger than in the preview. This is a critical bug. If you know of a work around, please tell me.
  7. How do I use the debut command line to record the screen/desktop with an overlay from the webcam?
  8. Hello All, I'm extremely new to video editing (in fact, this is my first every project) and need some help. I've created a very basic video and need to add an audio track. However, when I add the audio track to my video, I can't figure out how to overlay it on the existing video. Currently, the audio track plays in its entirety in the location where I have dropped it in and then the sequence continues. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated for this Newbie!!
  9. Hi, I want to add transitions between my video clips but the transitions cut into the previous clip. The transition starts before the preceding video clip has finished so you can still hear the audio but cannot see the video. I've tried adjusting the duration of the transition to fix this but it doesn't make a difference. I want the video to be able to finish before the transition starts. How do I do this please? Many thanks
  10. Hi, I have a problem overlaying PNG. If the PNG have a faded out border, when imported in Videopad it's showed with a darker border. Are there any solutions for showing it with correct alpha fading? Pics: Videopad screen http://oi67.tinypic.com/wcfm00.jpg Original PNG http://oi63.tinypic.com/2yvnezd.jpg Thank you
  11. I've been trying to adjust the size of my video overlay for ages but can't find out how. On the old video pad there used to be a scroll bar thing but not I don't know what to do. Help please.
  12. Hello! Basically I am trying to make a simple video. A static image as my background and a small repeating video scene on top in a specific position. I used the scale and position effects on my video to position it properly. It all works flawlessly IN the editor. Once I export it to .avi however, it becomes very distorted and the overlay changes positon. Here is an example of in editor vs. the .avi after exporting. Any tips are appreciated!
  13. I would like to use the audio only of a video to play over another video. How would I achieve this feat?
  14. Hi, So I have a question with overlaying one video over another video. So basically one video is on track 1 and another is above is on track 2. Track 2's video automatically cuts off each side so it has a smaller width than track 1. Is there a way to change this? They are both from the same source video so originally have same dimensions. thanks, Meredith
  15. OmegaGh


    So, I posted here recently not to long ago about a problem, that i eventually was able to somewhat fix. after deciding to report a bug and telling them what happened I was given a link to download a newer version (4.5) and it seemed to work on most of the effects, except for a few. I'll hit the 'fx' button on the picture or video that's overlayed onto the video itself and select scale once again, everything seems fine until I actually change the effects value for the scale, which automatically causes VideoPad to shut itself down due to an abnormal problem as seen here: I've tried repeating this over and over again with other content and the results are always the same. I'd like to know how to fix this issue soon.
  16. Hi I am trying to rescale an overlay image but when the value gets below 90%, the whole image disappears and the preview goes black.I have tried inserting smaller versions of the same image, but it always inserts at the same size. Cropping has not helped. Any suggestions welcome (updated from an older version of VideoPad yesterday). Also, any suggestions re how to zoom in on the overlay? In my previous version there was an "auto zoom" effect which was great, but it doesn't seem to be available in the newer version. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello everyone. I am trying to create a simple GIF animation using 5 images and some overlay images (mainly arrows). I have added the images in the correct sequence and am now adding the images to be used as overlays. I add the effects Position and Scale to get the overlays where I want them but for some reason the settings are not kept. The overlay images returns to its original size. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a know bug? All images are PNG format and I am using version 3.22 of VideoPad. Here is a video showing what I am doing: https://copy.com/wjzG6AsqldWG Thanks for any suggestions!
  18. Hi there, I am trying to build a recording machine with some audio channels. I have a widows PC and i have installed 4 audio cards. i tried to configure each of them and everything looked perfect in the beginning, but when i tried to analyse the output record it comes mixed with the other recordings. for example, i get the sound of card one mixed with the sound of card 2. anyone had this issue before? please give me some advice as i badly need this machine as soon as possible. Thank you,
  19. ClarkS

    Overlay Track

    Hello, I have noticed on the tutorails that there is a video track as well as a Overlay track. I do not have the Overlay track on mine. how do I get that to appear and stay so it is there each time I open Videopad?
  20. Is there a way to rearrange clip positions on an upper track (ie. Track 2 and higher) without overwriting or leaving gaps in the original sequence? As I see it if you move a clip to another position in the timeline it overwrites at it's new position and leaves a gap where it was. Thanks, Mark
  21. I have an overlay that shows at a fixed time but not on the overlay track. After some video editing, the time is wrong but I can't move or remove it. Any way to get rid of it or move it?
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