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Found 16 results

  1. No matter what I try my videos will not upload to YouTube? I am not good at this kind of thing I guess but I am ready to die. I've been trying to get my music cd onto YouTube for 5 years. I have bought avidemux and switch with no luck. I friggen hate this. Please help me and TIA
  2. I loaded MP3 file to ExpressScribe, but cannot play it. Duration time is 0:00 even it should be played in other app. How can I play this file with ExpressScribe? Should I do anything to MP3 file?
  3. Samael

    Saving Lossless

    Salutations to all. I’m new to this Wavepad software but it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. It claims to do lossless mp3 cutting without re-encoding and that’s exactly what I need. But there is an issue: every time I go to save it in lossless it always tries to re-encode it. Am I missing something in my process? I open the file, hit lossless, split the file and remove the part of the mp3 I didn’t want. Then I go save and it goes through the usual pick the type you wanna save. I select mp3 and then hit okay. Then it gives me all these choices for re-encoding. That was not what was said to happen. What am I missing?
  4. I delete the tags after converting I use a lot of tags How can I fix this problem ? MP3 convert to AIFF, WAV
  5. Just purchased Switch to convert my m4a files to mp3 to run on my iTunes account. I used an audio/record player to convert some vinyl albums onto a digital format which resulted in these m4a files which will not play on my iPod. I am converting on my iMac however every time I click on the "Convert" icon, it converts to a 3KB mp3 file that does not play on my iTunes. Please help!!!! I can't seem to get any response or help from NCH. Thanks, Sharon
  6. Let's say I have two similar audio files in different format (such as MP3 and AAC) from the same master (CD audio or WAV file) and I want to find some differences of quality between the two files. (to examine their quality change and compression techniques) I did some research on it and figured out a way that I can overlay the two wave shapes (or spectrogram pattern) and cancel out the identical part so that the leftover can demonstrate the better effectiveness of one of the formats. Can Wavepad actually do that kind of function? It is the only audio software I found that can open AAC files (Reaper and Audacity can't) so I hope it would contain a function like that, but since I am a newbie on this, I have no idea how to actually overlay the two files and delete identical parts. I also searched the Wavepad wiki but no idea.
  7. I believe I've checked, double-checked, and triple-double-quadruple checked all of the settings. I've checked "get info from internet" and alternately, I've also tried "get info from CD" and anything else I could possibly try. It worked on my previous computer, at least for some of the date (e.g. album title), but now I have a new computer because, of course, my old one died. Please tell me what settings to check, if you have any other suggestions. It would be very greatly appreciated.
  8. I installed WavePad from official download site of NCH Software recently. I wanted to test if it work like it did previously before buying master's edition. I opened a my favorite MP3 Song and edited it as I expected. Then I tried to save my edited Audio File in MP3 Format. When I choose "Save" from dialog box, WavePad shows a dialog box telling "Download install-on-demand - mp3el3.". But I can see the file "mp3el3.exe" alrady exists in "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\WavePad". Why it still requires this file????? After few seconds, it changes like "Running install-on-demand - mp3el3." Then, WavePad becomes not responding. I am getting message "WavePad Sound Editor is not responding". Then, I am getting message "An install-on-demand component could not be installed automatically. Please run it from the URL below then try again. http://www.nch.com.a...ents/mp3el3.exe" and WavePad opens the following page: http://www.nch.com.a...ents/mp3el3.exe I can't believe why this component "COULD NOT BE INSTALLED" even I have very good 4G High-Speed Router Network Connection. Then after I downloading MP3 Encoder (mp3el3.exe), and choose "Open" from the Download Complete dialog of IDM, I can see mp3el3.exe process is running in Task Manager. After the process leaves itself automatically after few seconds, I tried to save my edited file again in MP3 Format. I am still getting dialog box "Download install-on-demand - mp3el3.". Such thing never happened before when I am using WavePad five months ago in same computer. And I didn't download ANY component to save files in MP3 Format before in WavePad. It did it correctly without any problem before. My System Information: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - Service Pack 1 CPU: Intel Core i5 - 6600K 3.2GHz 8GM DDR4 RAM Asus Strix GeForce GTX 970 4GB Please help me to make WavePad save Audio Files in MP3 Format again like it did before.
  9. I have a short, silent MP4 video clip that I am trying to add sound to. When I drag the MP3 file onto the audio section in Videopad, the video disappears. When I save it, the video plays for 2 seconds and then only the audio will play. Any and all fix suggestions welcome. Thank you!
  10. Have been using Wavepad Master's since 2013. no problems, except one annoyance that is unrelated to this topic. Suddenly two weeks ago my program stopped saving mp3's. I use the Save As, and click on the MP3 file (from wav file to mp3) and it takes me through the process but then it doesn't save the file as an mp3. I can save as wav files. I also tried this on Mixpad multitrack, and the same thing occurred. I am using the latest version of Wavepad Master's edition, but this occurred in the 5.55 version before I upgraded. It is still occurring. This happened on my windows computer prior to upgrading to the Creator version, and continued after the upgrade. Is there a setting on my computer that could be impacting whether I can save to mp3, or is there something else going on with NCH that I don't know about? Thanks. The program is useless to me without being able to save to mp3.
  11. Hello, I'm new to this, and so far have really had great success with the software. I've made nine recordings and they sound great in playback mode using MixPad. However, when I try to export them (convert) to MP3 or wav files, the quality drops tremendously, and it seems like the places where multiple tracks exist, the levels waver (that's about as close as I can come to describing it). It seems like the vocal track goes up and down in level in comparison to the rest of they music. Any ideas how to convert while still retaining the original quality?
  12. I can't add an audio to videopad, I am trying to put it as an ending, in the ending I am supporting a Patreon for a game I just played, can someone help me here? Here is the file, is a really cool song http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7q4oxbaod7guh1/RetroVision+-+Puzzle.mp3 I did not upload it, it was someone else
  13. hi i just got done recording a song on mixpad but the file is mpdp so i had to download the switch sound converter so i could convert it to mp3 but whenever i press convert it just says that there is no audio found on the file what do i do??
  14. I have a 40 MB MP3 file I'm trying to upload to my Go Daddy website. Their max file size is 30 MB. Can I compress my 40 MB file? Thanks.
  15. I have the latest version of Scribe. I have two files (from completely different sources). One is 45 mins long and only loads to 41 mins. One is over 8 hours long and only loads to 116:53. No matter how many times i do this, or what format I convert them to (I've tried Mp3 and wma so far) they always load to exactly the same point and no further. They load fine in Windows Media Player and other sound players - in fact everything except Scribe! Any help would be much appreciated. I can do this in another transcription software but I would prefer to use Scribe if possible.
  16. Hi Basic question.. I have voice memos and each one is named... When I load it onto Switch converter, the name does not appear just a series of numbers... Is that correct? Do I have to rename each one? Where do I do that? (Am hoping that is not the case as to figure out which is which is a challenge when uploading many at once... Thanks (my first 'community' call for help ever!) Richard
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