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Found 13 results

  1. So I used the trial version of VideoPad and when I tried exporting my video, it was just pending and wouldn't start. I closed VideoPad and then checked my "Videos" folder and the file was there, but the loading bar on the top would just load and load. So I tried deleting the file but it said there were 0 files to be deleted. The original file size was about 7MB or something but this one is 3.75KB. When I open the file, it's empty and trying to rename the file crashes Windows Explorer completely. Now nothing happens when I try to delete it. What is going on? I just want this file off my computer.
  2. After recording and selecting email, the application fails to send the email. No evidence of help found on support site/page or within the application.
  3. Hi All, I have just started using VideoPad. I have a long mp4 file that I have split and exported as separate mp4 files using VideoPad. The individual files play fine in other software, but when I open them into VideoPad the files appear corrupted and do not play. I can't do anything with them. My aim was to take some of the individual files and rejoin them in a new sequence and then re-export either to a CD or new digital file. I am using the free non commercial version. I am not sure if I have done anything wrong during export to explain why VideoPad is now not recognising the new files. Has anyone had a similar experience and or can suggest a solution? Regards Jenny
  4. Hi I tried to open a project of mine that I was working on for a few weeks yesterday, when it came up with this message: It is saved on an external hard drive so I used another PC to try and open the project, but the same message came up. I tried to open previous projects and they opened up perfectly fine. I didn't notice anything strange when I saved my project last. Is there any way I can fix this problem and retrieve back the project I was working on? Thanks
  5. I'm a new user of VideoPad and completed my first video. It's about 4 minutes long. Now, when I try to export it - I can't. No error message, but the export does not complete. I'm using Windows 10 and have plenty of horsepower. What can I do? This is not what I expected!! Thanks, RB
  6. Buongiorno, a seguito dei piacevoli effetti che in questi giorni scopro realizzabili sulle foto grazie alla tecnica PAN-ZO inclusa nel vostro programma, mi sono chiesto se la qualità ottenuta con questa tecnica può essere accettabile anche dalle agenzie di Microstock. Così che ho fatto una prova con la quale ho ottenuto questi risultati. La foto di partenza è una JPEG formato 2355 x 3543 e ha un peso di 3,26 Mega Byte. Esclusivamente utilizzando l'effetto zoom ho realizzato un video della durata di 8 secondi. Dopo averlo salvato sono andato a studiarlo e ho visto che è stato salvato nel formato VPS e a mia sorpresa pesa solo 1,81K. Domanda: esiste la possibilità si salvare questi video anche in altri formati rispetto al VPS? Lo chiedo perché pur non intendendomene di video e di immagini in movimento, visto il modesto 1,8 k ottenuto con questo formato in ben otto secondi, da un singolo JPEG iniziale dal peso di 3,26 Mega Byte, il file ottenuto suppongo sia anche eccessivamente compresso per queste agenzie.
  7. Today I recorded a bunch of different videos for a project im working on, I imported all of the videos into video pad and edited the first minute of the video. I closed the project and opened it back up and now randomly it thinks half of the video files are audio files. I tried deleting them and importing them again but video pad still thinks they are audio files. I also tried importing them into Windows movie maker and movie maker reads them as video files which is what they are and I opened the file to view the video and it played as a video but whenever I import it into video pad it thinks it's just an audio file.
  8. Dear All, I'm new to WavePad and like it for it's flexibility in editing single audio files, as I do a lot of interviews. The bookmark function is also easy to use and very flexible. Can you export the list of bookmarks / regions as a text file? A simple copy/paste from wavepad to a text editor doesn't seem to work, maybe some of you have ideas? what I want to do is simply print out the bookmark list on paper to prepare editing of my interviews. Thanks for your answers! Best, Adrian
  9. I've noticed that every video file that I export contains an audio fade out, which is automatically added by the software and is about 1 second long. This is not desired. How do I prevent the software from adding this fade out upon export? Jeff
  10. Dear All, I want to edit a big vidoe file around 2GB. But after I drag it to videopad editor, the processing window pops up but no progress at all even i have waited for hours. I also will edit 4GB file. Is there any limitation of the file size to be edited using videopad editor? If not, how to solve this? Or is there any command line that can allow me to do the splitting function? Thanks, WIlson
  11. Hello, Is there a tool to knonw the name of the files used to create a project? For exemple, the directory containing the photos, clips? etc had been moved for somes reasons... and you want to work againt with your project file (.ssp) you've created previously. When I open the .ssp file the clips are black. A tool to give a new directory for the files will be appréciated also. thanks for your help.
  12. I was previously running version 2.41 (I assume so, since there doesn't seem to be any other 2. versions past that), and everything was fine. On my most recent project however, I had some very strange and ugly pixelation. http://puu.sh/2rpT9 I'd had VideoPad installed for over a year at this point, and decided a re-install would do the trick. However, after 3 hours of searching for the free version of 2.41, and installing it, I went to open up my previous project and was greeted with this: http://puu.sh/4I8cg/563c5ebefa.png However, when I attempted to open another saved project that was completed 5 days earlier, that loaded without a problem. So is there any way to recover my project, or do I have to start from scratch? (I also attempted newer versions, but when they saved the video there was some unsightly stuttering and playback issues, hence why I returned to 2.41)
  13. I have a .WMV file saved in my videos folder that won't even show up when I try to load it onto express scribe! I go into the folder and it's not even shown on the list. It's two hours long, is that why? If yes, what can I do about it? I desperately need an answer ASAP. Oh, and I have the Pro version. Thank in advance!!!
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