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Found 28 results

  1. Hi there, Is it possible to edit or remove the default text that’s generated when sending an email (Quote & invoice) straight from the program? At the moment its sending with the following default messages: "This message contains Quote #NS8 from XXXXXXX. If you have questions about the contents of this message or Quote, please contact XXXXXXX. This email has been generated automatically by Express Invoice Invoicing Software from NCH Software" Can anyone assist? Regards
  2. It is not possible to assign different email address to multiple businesses. I have two businesses set up but i can not assign different email address to each business. Is there any way to assign different email address to each of multiple businesses?
  3. there's a file that i edited and want to send in an email. i enter who i want to send it to and then press send, but nothing happens. i've tried many times to send the file in email but whenever i press the send button, nothing happens. i have wavepad on iphone 8, what should i do?
  4. Is there a way to view a log of when statements were send to customers? I know that when I look at the list of invoices I can right-click and view a log of when an individual invoice was emailed; is there a similar log of statement email info?
  5. How to remove the automatic IVM signature >> Sent by the IVM Answering Attendant (c) NCH Software www.nch.com.au/ivm
  6. In the body of the email when an invoice is sent. There is a string of text that is sent. I add the blah blah - But how do I edit this text?
  7. After completing the invoice the send and record function not working. Look forward to response
  8. Does anyone know if it's possible to create a customer which shows their email address please? The View -> Customers and then Customers shows the Export to CVS greyed out and clicking on on entry then shows it but only exports that one customer. I want to create a mailshot from t but can't see how to do it Any help would be appreciated
  9. Is it possible to send out emails (invoices, sales orders, etc) to an email address bcc (blind carbon copy)? Thanks in advance
  10. I'm sending out statements & invoices via emails generated in the invoicing software, and I need to change the standard text that the software produces, does anyone know how I can do this. In the UK we have legal requirement for text on business emails. Can anyone help? Thank you
  11. I am having difficulty with some email addresses. Most just go through, but if they don't I get :Unable to connect to mail server "<<email address>>". When I open email settings and click the second box; "Use SMTP..." I get an error box : "Mail host server error (MAIL FROM not accepted). Please check you email settings (550)." My mail host is correct, though. I am confused because I can send this address an email directly from my mail program (Windows Live Mail), just not through Express Invoice, which I love, btw. HELP!
  12. Hi, Today I tried to send multiple sales orders at the same moment by selecting all together and press on E-Mail button but emails are sent separately even to the same customer! Is there any idea on how to send all selected sales orders or invoices by one email for the same customer? Thank you Ibrahim
  13. Hi In "EDIT Invoice " When the "Record and Email" button is clicked an "EMAIL Address" window pops up On entering 2 email addresses " xxx@classicphototour.com.au; xxx@efloorplan.com.au" email is not going through the message received by the receiver is -------------------- The following message to <xxx@classicphototour.com.au;> was undeliverable. The reason for the problem: 5.1.2 - Bad destination host 'DNS Hard Error looking up classicphototour.com.au; (MX): NXDomain'The following message to <xxx@classicphototour.com.au;> was undeliverable. The reason for the problem: 5.1.2 - Bad destination host 'DNS Hard Error looking up classicphototour.com.au; (MX): NXDomain' --------------------------- HOW ever if only 1 email address is keyed in then the receiver get the correct message with an attached invoice ---------------------------- This message contains Invoice #2016-CPT-209 from Classi Photo Tour 2016. If you have questions about the contents of this message or Invoice, please contact Classi Photo Tour 2016. --------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Why does the software rejects 2 email address ( the Task was to send invoice to Accounts department and to the buyer, who engaged me to do the JOB at same time) Regards Dev
  14. Using the latest build (Free for 1 user), Running El Capitan. Even when the SSL/TLS box is checked the software will not allow me to email my invoices out unless i turn SSL off on the email server. Is this something that can be fixed? Its a real pain. Thank you
  15. How do I email a receipt to my customers?
  16. Hi, I am new to Express invoice. And i have found initially that making a setup for email sending is little trciky. I have found also many people were reporting the same. Finally i have managed to find the rootcause of these problems. So like to share this solution here, so that it will be helpful for other users. Most of the email sending problem is not from Express Invoice side, it is from our email operator side !!! 1) First we have to adopt the Express Invoice Email sending setting as mentioned in: http://www.nchsoftwa...de/kb/1450.html 2) Additional settings from our email side For Gmail, a) If you use 2 steps verification in your email settings, then you have to USE APPS PASSWORD in Express Invoice, instead of your normal login password. To generate APPS PASSWORD check the following link: https://security.goo...passwords?hl=en Additional we have to Turn Off the option "Disable Access for less secure Apps" (from Security Chekup settings) For other Emails: a) I have not tested for other emails, but i guess most of the modern email provider gives "APPS passowrd" which we have to use it in Express Invoice instead of our normal login password. Hope this information helps.
  17. I'm unable to email the WAV/PCM file to download it from my iphone. I enter the email addresss and hit send but I never receive the file. I was able to email a previous file so don't know why I can't now. Anyone know what the problem might be and if there's any other way for me to download the file if I don't have an ftp acct?
  18. I have two customers that would like all invoices emailed to two separate email addresses. It appears I can only put one email address per customer or am I missing something ? Is there any way to setup multiple email addresses for a customer?
  19. Hello, I am having problems with an SSl/TLS connection for sending e-mail. The following is my configuration SMTP mail host: mail.redacted.net:587 Server requires authentication = true User Name: user@redacted.net Password: *********** Use secure connection (SSl/TLS) if available = true If server is down, attempt to send directly = true Default reply email: user@redacted.net However, I am not able to even connect to the server. Then I followed and installed openssl as described here. However, all I get now is an error message to the tune of MAIL FROM unaccepted. My ISP has stated that the username is supposed to be as shown in my above block. It can't be an issue with my ISP, as our outlook configured identically works fine. Current Error Message: Mail host server (MAIL FROM not accepted). Please check your Email Settings. Version 3.28, btw. What's the release cycle for this program, by the way? Rolling? Incremental? Tested once more on version 4.32, it still does not resolve the problem. This was also done on a completely different computer and network for that matter (different external IP) so I doubt it's going to be an SMTP blockage. Any ideas?
  20. I did a search on this forum but didn´t find that anyone else had this question before. Is there a log or a list of the past emails sent to customers? If so, where can I view this? When sending emails and attached invoices from within Express Accounts, I currently have no record of these emails anywhere. The only way I found to get around this is to include myself in the email, so I receive a copy of it. However, if anyone knows if there is an email log somewhere, would you let me know? Thanks. Regards, Barbarella aka The Mad Cat Lady www.themadcatlady.com
  21. We recently purchased the Express Scribe software and our atorneys have been using the mobile app to upload audio files to our FTP server. This is working fine, but I was wondering if there is any way to have the audio files both upload to the FTP and send their assistant an email.
  22. Hi there, I am trial testing Express Invoice for the business I help manage. I have come across a critical issue, we use a CCProxy Server for all our internet activities combined with ESET Endpoint Security on clients and the server obviously for security reasons and network control, the server also acts a File Share, DHCP Server, DNS Server and Intranet Web Server. Where the problem comes in is that whenever myself or another user attempts to send invoices and quotes from Express Invoice - the items are unable to send, being the IT and Accounts Manager I've investigated as far as possible and have found that Express Invoice seems to be unable to access the internet through a proxy server and in our network there is no other possibility, we cannot risk or set aside security for accounts management. If however it is possible to bypass this issue without having to reconstruct the entire topology of our network and it's security would someone be capable of explaining how as we are very happy with using the Express Invoice platform. Thank you. Darren Hayward Luscious Lawns
  23. I emailed an invoice to a client a couple of weeks ago, but I'm not sure of the exact date. I can't find anywhere in Express Invoice that shows a list of Emailed Invoices. The date on the invoice only shows the day I created it. I usually make an draft invoice and then add to it during the month as I get work from a particular client, so I may create it initially on, say, the 5th, but may not actually email it to the client until the 23rd or something. Is there any record of emailed invoices anywhere on Express Invoice?
  24. Hi, so I purchased the standard version of Wavepad and when I purchased online, it said that NCH would send a registration code to my email address. This is to activate the software, but I can't do that because it got sent to my old address, which I dont use. (Accident!) and so I got into my old email account and changed the password, and the code has still NOT been sent yet. I have contacted them and I really need this sorting out now, I just paid for it, I hope this is not a scam.
  25. Hello, I just took over the Inventoria software after the previous tech left the company so I apologize for my inexperience with this software. I am trying to setup the Low Level Stock email feature. I have 3 items that are low, however I have not received an email letting me know this. I have to manually go into the server and run a low level stock report, and then it gets sent out. Is there a way to automate this? For instance, make it run everyday at 4 pm? Thanks for your help!
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