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Found 29 results

  1. When i re-open a project, the equalizer settings are lost, and i must reapply. How to persist EQ settings for a project? thx
  2. some clips on the sequence I have added the zoom or pan and zoom effect. Now I would like to adjust the color of some clips. when added to the effects on a clip that has already been zoomed it crops the clip to the upper right corner. if I color correct a clip I haven’t already zoomed, everything stays normal. but when added to the clips that I’ve already zoomed, it like crops them again, and leaves a bunch of black space around it. ive tried moving the zoom effect up and down the effects list, it doesn’t help. I’ve tried adding color to the whole sequence instead of individually. It doesn’t help. im fairly new to this, so I’m hoping I’m just missing something simple. PLEASE HELP! I’ve worked hard on this . 😓
  3. I want to change the hue of a video with the tempo of a song. Currently, I split video clips up so that their duration is a multiple of the duration of a musical "measure", and then I make a template with hue such that transitions in hue occur at the beat of the song. Then I save it as a template. Every song has a different tempo though... Using the GUI is really tedious and repetitive. I would like to make a simple CSV file (with google sheets or excel) with time, parameter, and value columns. Perhaps there's a good way to manipulate the "curve handles" with the CSV too, but I won't ask for that much. Obviously, importing CSVs could be useful for several video effects' parameters, but the most useful for me would be "Motion" and "Hue." I don't want to sound naive, but this can be achieved pretty easily, right? I'd gladly pay a reasonable fee to upgrade to get these features.
  4. I was experimenting with Wavepad and must have changed settings somehow. Now when I record, it sounds very muffled. Is there a way to display what effects or properties were used in the file so that I can troubleshoot? Or is there a way to return Wavepad to normal recording setup? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Does VP offer an easy way to place “idea bubbles” over a person’s head in a photo image or video clip? Any way to do this? Size it? Place it? Then have it show then go on precise cues? Thanks!
  6. When I add a video effect it doesn't save and I don't know why. I add an effect to a clip then save it and then when I open VideoPad Video Editor again it's gone. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  7. XY Ultra

    Timer effect?

    I was trying to make a count down timer for the start of my live streams. Is there a timer effect that I could use in videopad, or any other ways other than changing each frame? My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVz1QN79z6ePut0RQiQIjPg
  8. So i am currently using VideoPad to make a short film for school and its turning out really good thanks to VideoPad! However there is one re-occurring issue that i just can't seem to fix, and is really frustrating because it shouldn't be happening at all and i cant seem to figure out why it's happening! Basically some of my clips simply are not rendering my effects for the entire portion of a clip. I'll play a clip in my timeline and the effects that i have placed with it (such as Vignette, tint and color adjustments) only show for a quick second and then disappear for the rest of the clip. This is a big problem because it causes the whole portion of the video to bounce back and forth from having the effects show, to having them not show, which looks really bad. I could really use some help on how to fix this, as it is really frustrating to deal with. Nate
  9. Hi, I'm editing a movie but some parts are very dancing. I want to solve this using Stabilize Video but the button is blind. How can I make it clear so I can use it? Grz, Marc
  10. Hi there! I enjoy using MixPad, but one detail drives me crazy: While working on a project, the effects that I have added to my tracks, and that are from VST plug-ins, will sometimes "reset" all at once. By "reset" i mean that the settings I have chosen in the effects window will disappear, so that there is no setting. - The "native" effects do not reset ... it's only the effects I have added to MIxPad via VST plug-ins (and all of them at once). - While my chosen settings are "erased", the little box that shows whether the effect is active, remains checked. - The reset does not seem to be linked to anything, such as saving the file or exporting the file. It seems to happen randomly. Have any of you guys had the same problem?
  11. Hi, new user here. I searched everywhere but couldn't find it... I have still pictures on the time line. When adding a video effect on a photo, like PAN&ZOOM, the effect will take as long as the clip takes. What I am trying to achieve is the zoom effect to take 3 seconds, while the clip is shown for 6 seconds. Is that doable? Kind regards, Johan
  12. Ivan187

    Track effects

    It would be cool if we could apply video or audio effects to an entire track, add polygon masks and adjust keyframes whenever possible, instead of just being able to apply effects to individual clips.
  13. Could the scale effects be improved to be more precise? Specifically, making the numerical scaling in the video effects that of at least three decimal numbers instead of just two (eg: X.XXX instead of X.XX), as trying to scale some footage to match other footage isn't as precise as I'd like. Don't know if this would also require the position effect to be improved the same way.
  14. So I recently found voxal and I really like it much like all the other NCH programs that I have but it's missing a few VERY important features. One being an "auto-tune" effect (but I currently don't need that so that's fine) and the other being a "glitch" effect. What a glitch effect would look like would be random/periodic audio stutter mixed with random/period pitch fluctuation (meaning that your voice would kind repeat in a frantic manner and while doing so your voice may rise or lower a bit in pitch then return to normal till then next random moment that the glitch effect takes effect). I would assume it would have a frequentcy option for how often you want it to happen and a strength in htz for how strong or weak the stutter would be and 2 more gauges for how powerful the low pitch would be and one for how powerful the high pitch would be. The end product could sound something like this:
  15. I'm using 4.33 of VP and have the following 'issue' when previewing my sequence. Having added various transitions to the clips on my video, why (after the initial 100% CPU usage as it presumably creates the preview) does it say "Building preview, please wait" or similar every time that I then watch that video sequence? The CPU is idle (which indicates to me that there is no outstanding work to do) but I hit the space bar and I get that message and the effect (a simple dissolve, a wipe from right) is not shown (I get a frozen image) as that message is displayed. Drives me nuts! Eventually, after several attempts at watching the clip(s) with the transition it sorts itself out (and the final video always seems to be fine) but why this "Building preview" message? Is there anything I can do to assist (I've already reduced the preview resolution to far below what I'd like it to be, to see if it helped - it didn't). Perhaps 4.40 cures this but it's not mentioned on the release notes.
  16. I'm having the same issue with transparent images automatically having a black background applied to what is transparent when applying visual affects. I'm on windows 7 with videopad v5.03.
  17. I am trying to add a motion blur effect to my video. I have put the video in the timeline, and then I open the effects panel by right-clicking on the video in the timeline (not in the media window) and clicking "effects". The effect window open fine, I am able to add my motion blur, adjust keyframes, and everything seems to work. I can clearly see the motion blur in effect in the clip preview (my links to pictures won't accept), but when I try viewing it in the sequence editor, it doesn't look like there's any motion blur beyond what comes with the camera. Is this just a visual bug and the rendered video will look fine, or is there something else wrong that I need to fix? Thanks
  18. So, the Program crashes whenever I try to adjust any of the effects' parameters (and I'm talking about the default, built-in, effects, not some third party plugins). Even reinstalling did not help. What is wrong? Videopad version 4.45 Windows 7 x64 I'm updating my videodriver now, but I can' imagine it'll help EDIT updating my videodriver *DID* help!!! EDIT #2 Only regarding some filters. I just foudn out that some simple filters (like 'Exposure' and 'Shake') still cannot be touched without a crash... Now I'm wondering what the bigger mystery here is: the program being released with all those crappy bugs in its basic options or the fact that the developers expect you to pay for it
  19. I'm watching a fight scene involving two women fighting, but the noises from that fight scene are lower than the foreground noise of two other characters talking while the two women are fighting. the noise from the women fighting is the background noise and the secondary characters whom are sitting down and talking while the fighting is occurring makes it hard to listen to the fight scene involving the two women that I want to hear.
  20. I downloaded a version for Mac about two months ago. And now this version for PC tonight (4.33). I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE NEW EFFECTS BOX !!!! But that aside, how do you take a clip from your timeline and add (for example) a ZOOM effect that you can have move to multiple points during that clip. In the other version, you can just click stop the cursor on whatever part of the clip you're at, resize it, and you could clip a marker that would make it go to that point. How do you do that here. Heck, you dont even get the video in the preview pane here like you used to (yes, I know we can bring up the double box). But it was DEFINITELY better the other way - and most people seem to think so. So back to my question - how can I set multiple points in one clip ???
  21. Hi guys new user here, I'm currently using version 4.33 of the free version of VP, I've added effects like colour correction and blur that show in the preview and sequence window. However when I export the video non of the effects show . Is it a limitation of the free version?
  22. I would like to have a new audio effect called Phone. It basically makes the audio sound like someone is talking through a phone line.
  23. Hi all, Relative newcomer here so hopefully I'm just missing something obvious, but... I'm trying to create three separate basic two-frame animations on different video layers. Problem is, when I insert the image, it goes full screen, so I'm forced to add the effect of changing it's size. (side question, is there a way to change image sizes without making keyframes?) The first layer went fine, but when I created the second video layer and edited the PNG image, an automatic black background is applied that I can't get rid of. Is there a way to remove that background, or just an easier way to resize images? Thanks!
  24. Hi I have a problem with my exported files from projects I had been working on before I purchased the 4.22 upgrade - I am no longer seeing the zoom/crop effects working together on certain clips of the video project - particularly the heavily cropped clips which I have then applied zoom to to constrain the output to 16:9 - the exported file only has the cropped-sized clips --- and added a blue tint instead of the zoom??!! I have tried to upload a copy of the file to you via your Classic FTP software but it doesn't connect for me (I'm a home user not on a network server) Help??
  25. I am trying to add a logo to my video and I follow the instructions. However, when editing the video effects (Horizontal / Vertical offset, Scale), the image flips vertically. This is undesired. I deal with this by flipping the image in Paint before importing it to VideoPad (so that VideoPad flips it back to the original). However, I find it weird that the software flips the image in the first place. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Any suggestions are welcome EDIT: When exporting, the logo's that I use are stretched and therefore unusable. Any help would be appreciated!
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