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Found 8 results

  1. I was delighted to find the Prism software, which appeared to be straightforward and easy to use. However, when I tried to convert a short video in m2ts format to MP4, the result was a screen with green flickering all over it. I tried a couple of files, but always with the same result. I downloaded the free software from the NCH Software website, and I'm using Windows 10. The first video I tried was 131MB in its original, but I've also tried with another which was only 29.2MB - which converted into 17.3MB, I notice. Please could anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? Or could there have been a problem with the download? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, This is Umit. I am very new to the forum but I ve been using Videopad for a couple of months. I did a good long video with it. But now I have an issue. Before opening a new post, I made a seach through the forum but no result. So, I have a Eken budget action camera which records with fisheye effect. But I need to remove it while editing on Videopad. I found that some other editting softwares can remove it but I do editting with Videopad since I purchased a license. Can you please help me about how to remove the effect of fisheye with Videopad? Thanks in advance,
  3. I was wondering if there's a better way of enhancing understanding other than what I did before. My main problem currently is that when the person touches the microphone or breathes in it, it's extremely loud and I can't hear what he is saying in those moments. Is there a solution for that? I tried restricing the allowed frequencies to 85-255Hz (as I read on Google that human speech is in that range) in order to remove random noise, but this removed too much from the speech as well. Previous work. Can I do these things better? The sound varied a lot as he sometimes talks into the microphone, sometimes walks away and sometimes the microphone touches something, which is very loud. This was resolved with "Normalise". Static was reduced with spectral subtraction based on noise sample.
  4. Hi I'm trying to export a video + an audio track (mp3) from VideoPad version 4.40, but I figured out that my audio is being distorted after it is imported as an Audio Cip. Whenever I play the audio file on the "Clip Preview" it gets distorted, you will hear a cricket like sound (yes, I mean the insect). If I play the original mp3 file with an external player (ie: VLC and Windows Media Player), then it sound as it should. In order to show you what I mean, I exported the original mp3 file by using VideoPad as follows: 1) Right clicked on the imported mp3 2) Chose "Save Audio Clip as New File" A .wav file was produced and the problem is there. Here the links to my audios Original file Exported audio file The first four tones are normal. Just hear each time that I pushed the pedal of my yamaha organ. Is this a bug? Or perhaps a problem with my setup? I even tried converting the mp3 file to wav using WavePad and Audacity; in both cases the wav file was ok. So, I think this is either a problem with the import on VIdeoPad or with some codec that it is using. Thanks Josef
  5. Hello, everyone I've been using ES for years and I have a brand new problem since I bought a new iMac 27" Retina 5K running Yosemite 10.10.2. I am a court reporter and I record interviews and depositions in the MP3 format using a two-channel Marantz PMD670 digital recorder. Channel 1 is the live audio track of the participants and Channel 2 contains my voice recorded using a Stenomask microphone on the other channel of the Marantz. When typing transcripts, I transcribe using Channel 1 but often switch to Channel 2 to check anything that's not clear on Channel 1. In my many years of doing this, I've never had any problem with the recordings. Both channels have always been extremely clear and with good volume and ES has played them perfectly. On the new iMac, for which I purchased new licence for Express Scribe, I am using Express Scribe 5.70. Channel 1 is still clear and loud but Channel 2 is almost completely muted. I checked all the input settings on Express Scribe and made sure they were exactly the same as the ones I had used previously on my old iMac. When that didn't improve things, then I readjusted the sound output settings in the iMac System Preferences. The output volume is set at maximum and the balance is set right in the middle. I tried increasing it to the right and increasing the volume for Channel 2 in Express Scribe. When I did that, Channel 2 was a little louder but it's extremely distorted and largely unintelligible. It's completely different than what I used to have. I can't understand why one channel is perfect and the other is useless. I had an older iMac (late 2009, 27") and had recently updated the OS to OS X Yosemite (10.10.2) and was using Express Scribe 5.50, and even after I installed Yosemite, it still worked perfectly. So I conclude that the problem is related to the new iMac Retina 5K, not to the Yosemite OS since both machines have the exact same OS. I've checked every setting that I can think of but nothing has improved the Channel 2 playback. This new iMac has been available for several months, and since NCH has obviously devoted a lot of work to making good software for Macs, I did not expect to have any problems with the new computer. I would have expected that NCH would have made sure that all its apps play well with the new models. I did find a few references to problems with Mavericks on other Mac threads but so far I haven't found anything similar to my problem. This is really frustrating because this is my job, and so far I haven't found any app that could replace ES. I hope an admin is reading this and can help me find a solution. Thank you Patita (Canada)
  6. vbphelps

    echo ish sound?

    I am sure this is not the room I am recording in, I have had the room tested but I do have a problem ........ I have recorded a chapter of material and I have listened back from time to time taking out breathes ect... but I will save,then add some more then go back and the 1st part has like an echoey sound ( I guess you could call it distortion) the 2 nd problem I am having when that is not happening, is if I upload a file to another site, on my computer the audio sounds good and normal, when I up load and play back it has that echoey sound to it, so it makes it sound bad. so any thoughts or help to fix it ? thank you
  7. Okay, so I'm not sure how much "support" this forum offers as I've only just downloaded the software fairly recently. However, I've noticed that when Voxal is on, there is a severe distortion that isn't present if the application is turned off. This is regardless of what "voice" is set up, and is even present when using the "bypass" setting. It is completely incomprehensible. It sounds almost like an "alien" voice mixed with some kind of acoustic modifier, I guess, but (as stated) this is despite any changes to the settings. I'm at a complete loss, and any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW. I'm using a Lenovo E540 with the built in Mic. I'm not sure what the mic is called, but as stated, it works fine when Voxal is not running, so I think I can solve it with some configuration changes. Lastly, if there is no solutions to this (i.e. if it's a "well, that mic isn't supported. Sorry m8") could I get a referral to any other similar software that's good for the time being? Thx.
  8. I've downloaded WavePad but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. All I'm looking to do is remove some interference from a recording that I made which is covering up the noise of the people speaking. Any help would be appreciated. I'm an Express Scribe user and have followed the usual guidelines to no avail.
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