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Found 2 results

  1. ok say i have 2 clips on my time line and i have changed my mind and want to add a third inbtween them it will cut its way inbtween them instead of simply going after my first clip and my second clip being pushed over to be played 3rd it will cut parts of my first and second clip. why in the world is this a thing and how do i get around it. iv had a good search and anything that involves cutting in comes up with how to cut/crop clips witch isnt my issue. also another situation. i have a bunch of images displayed in a different video track so it over laps onto my video but say i need to increase the duration of 1 so i drag the thing across and it does the same as the clips it wont move the other images along the timeline it will just CUT ITS WAY THOUGH WHAT EVER I HAVE THERE INSTEAD OF PUSHING THEM DOWN TO A LATER POINT. WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS A FEATURE AND HOW CAN I STOP IT
  2. I have a number of different questions so I will list them all here rather than a different thread for each: 1. Moving to start of selected clip I imported one video which I then split into multiple sections. I can click on each clip individually, but how do I move to the start of a particular clip? Say I split the video into 3 clips, I select clip number 3. How do I move exactly to the beginning of that clip? Click and drag on the red line/cursor thing isn't accurate enough. The 'home' button goes to the beginning of the entire sequence and Ctrl + Home goes to the beginning of the video's start point, whatever that is. 2. I am working on a video and I have saved different versions of it. Now I want parts of the video that was saved in one project to be placed in another. At first I tried to just select the file then copy it, open the other file and paste it by right clicking on a blank area and select "paste overlay". Then it stopped working, and then it only goes one way ie I can copy paste from Project A to Project B but not the other way around, and even this method doesn't work all the time. I didn't change any settings or anything. 3. Is there a feature that, or a way to let me do, the following: You know how there are 2 preview windows, a Clip preview on the left and a Sequence preview on the right? I want to use the clip preview to find a place where I want to split the clip at. I want to be able to view a selected clip in the Clip review on the left, then pause the video at the time that I want to split at, with the red cursor going automatically to that spot in the entire sequence so then all I have to do is to click on "Split selected clips". This would be very useful to me because I have multiple clips in the project I am working on, and sometimes I move the clips around. This feature would let me be able to find that position in a clip and I can split it there, no matter where I move the clip to in the sequence. 4. Is there something that would let me cut a piece of the main video's visual part (not the clips) out for a certain duration, and put something else in either a picture or an inserted 2nd video, like a green screen but I could use it where we can't use a green screen? For example, say in the main video there is a girl watching a video on an electrical device, and then the scene cuts completely to the device's screen for 5 seconds. Here I can cut a rectangle shape out of the picture from say 0:03 to 0:08 and insert another video to make it look like she is watching it. If you record electrical device screens with a camera the picture goes weird. This feature would be useful if the scene is hard to utilize a green screen and or we don't have access to one. Thanks
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