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Found 14 results

  1. Can I save a clip with a meaningful name from the "clips" area of Videopad to use later in the sequence? I would like to work with all my clips first from my secondary cameras and add them where I want them on the timeline in the sequence.
  2. Hi, running latest vers 8.02 on Mac here. I have several long videos 10-30 min in length that I simply want to split into smaller clips and export as individual files. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this; when I export it puts all the clips together in one vid. Do I need to create a new sequence for each clip? Seems like a pain in the butt. Thanks
  3. Hi...I used to know a key you can hit to move the cursor right to the very start of a clip on the timeline. I forgot it! :( Now I have to zooom way in, manually click on the beginning of the clip, and then zoom back out to continue working. Very time consuming! I am using the newest version of Professional.
  4. Hi, I know that if one holds shift, you can click multiple clips one by one and then move them together. However while editing lots of parts of a video that have multiple clips working together (many short images, text and audio etc...) this ends up taking an incredible amount of time. Say I want to move 3 bars to the right, those 3 bars might have 20 little clips in different layers, so I would have to shift click them all, move them, and what if I want to move them again, back one space - you have to painstakingly clicking each one again??? It seems like someone else MUST have noticed this was a problem. Click-dragging over multiple clips one would think would be the obvious solution to highlight desired clips to move as a group, but click-dragging over items in the timeline seems to do nothing. Ctrl-A and holding alt while moving clips doesn't work, because that is of course moving all of the clips in the entire movie. Please please help.
  5. meed96

    Combine Clips?

    I've been using to Videopad to edit together some technical tutorials recorded in multiple sections. Storyboard has become really useful to get away from the mess that is on the timeline but today I've made some mistakes while recording and it has required a lot of cutting and snipping of the video/audio track. Storyboard is now a horrible mess because I have nearly a hundred clips on it, most of which are less than 5 seconds ( I'm quite picky about editing out silence and uhhms). I started out with only 5 video clips but cannot tell where one ends and where another starts. Is it possible to combine all of the clips I have on the timeline into several long clips so I can again distingiush which clips are which?
  6. Hey everyone, VideoPad newbie here. I have the basics figured out and like the program so far. I have been needing to learn video editing for posting performance videos. Question: Relating to playback, I am accustomed to the functionality of my audio editor workspace (not NCH software), which allows for the cursor to automatically return to the previous start position when stopping playback. This is very useful for hearing short audio sections repeatedly, without having to manually relocate the cursor each time. Is there a similar setting in VideoPad, such that when I stop playback, the cursor will return to the previous start position? In other words, so Stop doesn't function like a Pause button? Yes, I can click the timeline to pop the cursor back, but finding the *exact* start point of the previous playback start point is time consuming. This is critical to carefully examine video-audio sync. Barring that possibility, is there a way to choose a clip range to loop for playback? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I am a newbie to video editing but have read some literature on principles. I have lots of video on my drives in .avi taken from various videocams and I want to cut these down into shorter named clips so that I can mix them in full videos. I have Videopad Full version 5.4, bought yesterday. Today I have experimented on the above by: Loading a video file (.avi) Running it in Clip Review Using Start and End to take a new clip Using Place to put it on the Timeline Using Export (on top row) Clicking Video File Saving the file as an .avi to a folder on my HDD This appears to work but I wonder if I am taking the easiest path. One nuisance is that, having taken a clip, I would like to cancel the Starts and Ends to allow me to start a new clip; how can I do this?Thanks for any help or suggestions for an 87-year old
  8. I have only been using this editing suite for a few weeks, learning the programme inside and out. Yesterday when i was editing a video and making clips, the clip button/place clip button changed to a view button?...now it seems that i cannot make clips in the clip view....can anyone help please?...is there something wrong with the programme or the pc?
  9. I had placed A LOT of clips in a single video track, and when playing the sequence, there tends to be a completely black/blank frame whenever the video begins playing the next clip, despite none of the clips having a set transition nor being placed apart from each other. Because of the numerous clips added in the project, those blank frames pop up constantly, but does not pop up at EVERY split in between clips. At first, I thought this would be ignored after exporting the video into a movie/video file, but it seems that those blank frames somehow were included in the video. So what I attempted to do is go back to the project file and group every single clip together, but that doesn't help at all. So I imported the exported video and tried to get rid of those frames by deleting those specific portions. That still didn't fix the problem as the split clips show another blank frame. OK, so how do I make it so that those blank frames don't exist in my video when I export it? Is this a common problem (that I might have glanced over in the FAQ)?
  10. Hi, I've been using an older version of videopad (v2.something - can't remember), and i must say i am very happy with the ouptut quality. However i have run into a brick wall and i need some advice. I am an animator and i ususally render my shots in TGA format to create an image sequence of my animation. Is there a way i could import an image sequence as a clip into VideoPad? The current version i have is incapable of doing that and before i purchased the new version i wanted to ask around. I have done this Adobe Premier ages ago, but i've lost touch with that software and VideoPad seems a lot easier to use. Also before i go, what is the latest version of VideoPad out at moment? Thanks, HarryG.
  11. Hi, folks. Brand new to Mix and Wave both; trying to assist a friend who is less familiar with audio editing. From all I can determine, though I can't find it mentioned anywhere, it is impossible in Mixpad to paste, for example, a 5-second selection into a 1-second space between two clips on a track and have the second automatically move down the track. In video eidting, this is called rippling, and it appears to be the default function in WavePad, as it is in Audacity. If I'm wrong, please tell me what I'm missing. If I am right, perhaps someone might suggest the most efficient way to use the two applications in assembling a narrative about piece of music, in which the voice and musical selections alternate, i.e, he talks about the music, plays an ilustrative selection, then speaks again, etc. I had suggested that he record the entire narration (which is extemporaneous, not read from script), review and drop-in additional/replacement sentences; make his selection clips from the whole piece (often 10-30 seconds each from a half-hour piece), and then insert them. I thought it to be easier to place each on a track in MixPad, but since clips don't move down upon insertions... Any suggestions? Stick entirely with WavePad? Thanks.
  12. Using the free version 3.03 on a Mac and trying to click and drag video clips from iMovie HD into VideoPad. When I do this, the clips immediately show up on the "Audio" tab screen - none show up on the "Video" tab screen. I took a class in "Intro to VideoPad" and this same thing happened to me in the middle of class. Eventually, the instructor just gave me another laptop to use and that worked fine. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
  13. I have a 12 minute video clip that is my source, which I imported into the project. I wanted to create subclips of that with logical names . . . so I set an in and an out, and then duplicated the clip. I renamed the duplicate (e.g. "wide shot living room" for example). I went through the whole video and created about 30 of these renamed duplicates. I saved the project. Next time I opened the project, all the duplicates were there, but it did not keep the new names. They all had the name of the original 12 minute clip, although it remembered the IN/OUT chosen for each one. Does anyone know if there is a way to create subclips from a main clip? Thanks. UPM
  14. I just installed version 3.00. Yuk. I can't simply "split" (cut) an audio clip and move the individual sections around like the previous version. Or am I missing something?
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