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Found 124 results

  1. hey, When I record my videos with OBS I put my mic and game sound on different tracks. When I import the video into VP I only see and hear the first track. I've switched my audiotracks around in OBS just to test this and when I do this the only sound I get is my mic. In other threads about similar issues I've noticed that VP is supposed to ask what track you want to import or something but it doesn't do that for me. thanks in advance, Niels
  2. Hi there, how do i keep my music playing over my talking video clip. Every time I add a video clip my music stops. I'm sure it's something simple. Many thanks Cathy.
  3. In my Photostage slideshow, I want to have the audio start 2 seconds into my first slide, which is a blank gradient slide. Can't seem to find how to do this. I want the audio to start at ITS beginning point, but have the whole file not begin for 2 seconds into the slideshow. The only tools I can find are for changing the audio itself...not where the un-edited audio file begins. Must be something simple that I am missing. Thank you to anyone who can help.
  4. Hello Sir! I Have Been Using VideoPad For Lat 6 Month...But Today i faced New Error... i was Upload A audio File In The Video of 7 sec and and milisec(i really dont how much..bcoz of video pad i know that) and video cut the last few sec/millisec from the audio please if possible can anyone help within few days...bcoz i want to upload a video to youtube so plz... i love video pad a lot ...and i didn't install other app also.i love video pad.....the best! my email---chessmaster674@gmail.com
  5. Hello. I have been using VideoPad for quite some time now. The free version. I'm making YouTube videos with it (non-monetized. I'm way too small) and it's served me very well. I've been considering to buy it recently as well. But last weekend I ran into a sudden unexpected problem; every video clip I upload on VideoPad has its audio track slightly altered. It's as if the software had cut the last one second of the audio, but the video itself is fine. And since my videos usually consist of multiple clips the video and audio syncing gets screwed over. I think it's better I just show it to you so here's a short unedited video demonstrating the issue. Pay attention and listen to the last seconds of the clips shown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4D6M_z811E&feature=youtu.be So, the original recorded video clips are fine. Their audio tracks are altered once they've been uploaded on VideoPad. I have tried everything from reinstalling the software many times and even downloaded the newest version from NCH's website. I have no idea what's causing this and this is the first time this has happened, or at least first time I have noticed. Any ideas what's going on and how to fix this? Thank you in advance.
  6. so i made a gaming video with my friend and when i was editing it everything was fine i could hear our voices and i put some backround music in. THEN when i was posting it on youtube, i noticed that when i went to see the vid on vlc, i could hear the backround music but not the voices. then when the video posted it was the same thing. please help.
  7. Hi. I was recording today and I got this error https://ibb.co/fkykGyZ but I have this disabled https://ibb.co/bLFCTqM use win 10 ❤️ thanks
  8. Hi I hope someone can help. I have been given a video capture card (roxio) and I am trying to record my old minidv casettes onto my computer using viedopad. I have some success with the video aspect, quality ok etc. However I'm having issues with the corresponding audio. I'm getting a distortion, stuttering audio. I have checked the cables etc and appear all ok. I'm wondering whether it's to do with the recording level? Or some other setting I'm not aware of. The actual voices from the cassettes are clear, but appear to be overlapped with the distortion If I reduce the level right down it is clearer but uselessly quiet. I'm using Windows 10. I have checked the drivers for my capture card and they are up-to-date. I should say that I'm not using the Roxio software as I don't have the original software cd. Any tips most welcome. I have scoured the forum, but none the wiser. Thanks
  9. When I audio it will sound fine in the editor but after adding it to timeline it doesn't even sound like the same song? Like it only plays beats or just sounds like noise? Help
  10. I've almost completed my project ready to export and now i'm getting a message saying 'one or more sound clips are still processing' and there's no audio. This has been for over 24 hrs. I've restarted my computer. Cleared the videopad cache. How do I fix this? I can't start this video again it took too long.
  11. I want to export my project to audio. i tried both .wav and mp3 and both times the converted file was cut off before the end of the project (it works fine in MixPad. I can't understand it please help thanks
  12. The player works in my android devices as: <audio controls id="Audioplayer" loop="loop"> <source src="" type="audio/mpegURL"> </audio> but it doesn't work in any browsers but when I load and it streams just fine. This doesn't make much sense to me because the code displays as <body> <video controls="" autoplay="" name="media"><source src="" type="audio/mpeg"> </video></body> I tried using the video tag but this didn't work either. It's ok in a new window but I was hoping to display content with the player. Flash is months away from being removed also now, so getting this play running seems quite crucial. It must be possible if it plays standalone. My first solution was to place it inside an <iframe but then it didn't load.
  13. i post songs on YT and for the audio spectrum i have to use a web that takes forever to render it would be amazing if there was an audio spectrum in video pad it would save me hours over the days
  14. There is no audio in my time line but when I click on Clip preview it is there and I can hear it but I select Sequence Preview and there is no sound. The audio bar is all the way up and to the left. I have tried everything and I don't know what to do now. Please help
  15. I just purchased my "free" VideoPad software. "Professional version 8.35." For home use only. I have created a sequence with video (and audio.) Now, I'm trying to add a second audio track to "overlay" the existing video (and linked audio) on one clip. The program will not let me do this. I have watched the "help" videos and my program is not responding like the video. What am I doing wrong?
  16. I am creating a music video combining separate recordings from each band member who are all isolated in separate locations. I wanted to place the instruments in different places in the stereo mix, but the pan effect is not available for a couple of the clips. I think this may be because these may have been recorded in mono. Can I convert the audio for these into stereo? or is there another way around this problem? -0- Just found the pan control on the sequence timeline view, so don't actually need the pan effect on the clip. Would still be interesting to know if there is a simple way of converting a video clip from mono to stereo within Videopad. Thanks Phil
  17. I would like to know if there is a way to record video onto a project which is automatically in sync with existing audio. I have aa music backing track already in the project. Whilst listening to it wearing headphones, I press "record video" and sing along in time with it. When done the recorded video is in the recorded video bin and I then have to drag it onto the project timeline. However as there was a delay between my pressing "play" for the audio backing track and "record" for my video, the two are not in sync and I have to drag the video file around to try and line it up with the audio. It would be so much better if I could just drag the video onto the beginning of the timeline and the two would automatically be in sync so I don't have to faff around trying to line them up together. Does anyone know of a quick and easy way of getting them in sync?
  18. Can't seem to find a way to add a second audio track to clip
  19. I'm trying to export my video to file, but when he's finished there is no audio. I have already tried to save the file several ways. When I finally have sound, the size of the photos is no longer correct. Is there anyone who recognizes this?
  20. Stariio

    Effects Stopping

    I've been using Voxal for a bit now and right when I thought I had it figured out, it started to wig out. I have a few of the voices set to hotkeys as I need to switch through them (usually just to and from normal) relatively quickly. Recently, if I change more than twice then all effects drop and the only thing coming through is my normal voice. Voxal isn't throwing any errors either. Nothing shows up in the text box at the bottom. I checked in supported programs to see if it was just Voxal preview that wasn't working but had the same issue. I can't get the voices back unless I close Voxal and ALL programs using my mic and then reopen them both. And let me be clear: I'm not switching back and forth between effects a couple times every second. There is a decent amount of time between the switches and it ends up just going back to my voice. Is there a setting I'm skipping over or something like that? Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm completely lost at this point and any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  21. I've been using WavePad for many years, and for a few years with the Masters Edition, but I just realized that when I cut and paste audio from one wave file into another (for example, to use the introduction from one recording and the main part from a second recording) then anything pasted has much lower audio quality. This has been annoying when trying to make individual tracks from a whole concert. I have to open the original file, cut out all but what I want, save it, close out, then open up the whole concert again for the next song. If I cut and paste just what I want to a new file the audio quality sounds distant and cold. Anyone know what is going wrong? Thanks
  22. Hi! Would be happy to have aswise. I was adding audiofiles to the video a edited. But with the last audio the program just cuted the last two seconds of it. I thought that maybe it's too long so I split it in half. But it cuted the first one. Any ideas how to fix that? Thanks for attention.
  23. I have downloaded the debut for record Videos from streaming. But I can’t record the sound of streaming video on my MacBook. Is there any solution to fix it?
  24. Whenever I add audio to my sequence, it gets rid of all my transitions. I add in all the transitions (crossfade) perfectly fine. All looks good. Then I start dropping in tracks and all of a sudden, my transitions are gone. I can add the transitions in again but then my audio is not properly synced to the timing of the video due to the slight overlap of the clips when doing a crossfade transition. What can I do to fix this?
  25. I'm new to this and I have downloaded software to make my music but the software will only record external sources. How do I change this so it can record what i make on my PC? Thanks in advance
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