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Found 24 results

  1. If you are having problems saving .wav files , using VSTi then I might have an answer. I found that saving my creation to .wav it would only use Microsoft GS Wavetable Default Instrument , even though I was using VSTi ! There is however a Long winded way to save VST Instruments. I might well post a few Screen Grabs in the morning. Showing how to get this to work , not just using the Untick Render MIDI option in Export , as I found that this did Not do as I wanted. Please reply if you which to see my work around. Regards S
  2. Can you guys help me? it legit just deleted my track, and this happened to me TWICE, and im clearly upset, because i spend ours and your software keeps deleting tracks, i saved it and its in my files but nothing aint playing and when i tried to paste it in your mixpad nothing shows please help me, this happened to me twice, contact me at steezybutterfly@gmail.com Thank You
  3. I downloaded the Mixpad app to Chromebook, but I cannot find how to zoom when I want a detailed edit. I'm not entirely sure the effects are being applied either. Has anyone else noticed some functionality missing?
  4. I have Mixpad and a PodXT hooked up via USB and through a Black star Amp with a Guitar. I have used this same configuration for a while now, and I was always able to record with it, using the registered version of Mixpad. I went to record today and Mixpad keeps telling me that There is a problem with the recording device, please check that it is plugged in. It also tells me there is a recording error when I hit record after the first "there was a problem" message pops up. It says the record device is not ready. Any suggestions?
  5. Harold Dean

    Harold Dean

    Has anyone used Mixpad with Roland studio Capture?
  6. Tengo una duda con respecto a la grabación con pistas, pasa que cada vez que grabo por ejemplo: la guitarra en la pista 1, luego en la pista 2 selecciono la opción de "Activar grabación de esta pista" y grabo los arreglos del bajo, graba tanto el bajo como la pista 1 nuevamente, y así, si grabo otro instrumento en las siguientes pistas, se vuelven a grabar las pistas anteriores que están sonando, esto ocasiona que el sonido se repita y produce una especie de eco. Si alguien sabe que estoy haciendo mal, le agradecería que me pueda ayudar. PD: Estoy ocupando un mixer USB, compatible con ASIO. Quedo atento.
  7. So I've just updated my MacBook Pro to Catalina OS and It's saying that I need to contact NCH for an update/upgrade so that Mixpad will work with the new OS system. I'm not a PC nerd or Apple "expert", so I'm sitting here wondering why (when I go to the Apple Store to download the latest version of Mixpad), It hasn't been updated for 2 YEARS!?!?! Seriously? I can't find anything about it on your haphazard website either? Still..... You enjoy that pint and a nice meal on that money I paid you to use Mixpad.
  8. Hey, is there a way or a version in which the horizontal scroll during playback can be turned off? Thanks!
  9. i have the steinberg yamaha ur12 audio interface. I have the midi in yamaha asio. I also use a keyboard to record directly. It wont record in stereo so i put it in mono. i can hear it play from the keybord into the interface in stereo. but when i play it back on the mixpad it is in mono. when i unhook the interface and put it back to windows default i plug my headphones into the computer directly it plays in stereo and through my receiver. but when i mix a song on some headphones and my car stereo the instruments i record on the mixpad are on the right side. but when i play the mixed down song on my computer its stereo. Im trying to figure out what i can do to have consistency in stereo.
  10. I am relatively new to MixPad. A friend whom I am recording with has MixPad and I bring home copies of our day's music to work on parts etc. When I load the program everything works great. When I want to add a guitar part I find that I can't control the input level using MixPad. I end up adjusting the output of the Lexicon Alpha that I am using to make it work. When I am recording the track I can't hear it but as soon as I play it back, there it is, loud and clear. I am using Windows 10-64 Plenty of processor speed and RAM. I have uninstalled and reinstalled MixPad a couple of times and nothing changes. I can use the Cubase recording software that came with the Alpha and it works correctly. The problem is that the MixPad program is just so much better that I won't use the Cubase mixer. MixPad"s GUI is in a different League than Cubase. Cubase came with the Asio driver and it works for Cubase. MixPad comes with ASIO based drivers and they ARE active. Anyway, if anyone can help, I hope I have left enough information to start with.
  11. Hello. I use MixPad to make song covers. I insert the off-vocal track and then use the recording feature to sing over it. For some reason, holding long notes on the recording is an issue because they hold for a certain period of time and then the long notes are forced to fade off as if it had gone through a tunnel or something. Obviously this is a big problem, as certain songs require notes to be held longer. If anyone can provide any advice/help on this please do let me know. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey gang, Ive just hooked up my new Mixer (Behringer Q1204USB) to our computer and want to run our gear into mixpad to create some tracks. It's playing out thru our amps - but I cannot get anything to register on the mixpad lines. I've checked the outputs are correct (USB Audio CODEC) - but I still cant get it to work. Does anyone any expertise with the please? Thanks in advance :)
  13. Greetings MixPad users, We are seeking out users who want to share their best MixPad creations with us. If you have a MixPad project that you would be willing to share with us, it could be featured on our social channels and possibly our website. Please use the following link to submit your finished projects: MixPad Show and Tell DropBox Thank you! -NCH Software Marketing Department-
  14. Hola, hoy he terminado de grabar una canción en MixPad (con licencia) y al exportar la mezcla, el audio (los clips) se mueve de sitio, va un poco atrasado a como yo lo he grabado. Gracias ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, today I have finished recording a song on MixPad (with license) and when exporting the mix, the audio (the clips) moves from site, it goes a little late to how I recorded it. Thank you
  15. Hello, We have been recording a podcast with a single microphone. After the recording, the project played well. Then, I saved the project and tried to export to .wav. To my surprise, the exported wav has no sound, although the length is ok. So I came back to Mixpad and tried to play the clip. It does not sound, althought the clip was no flat line. It was around 30 minutes of audio. Have I lost it?. Any way to recover It? Thanks
  16. Using the MixPad Editor: How to remove the space(s) between notes in a project file. please? Thanks very much, indeed. Bill Cole, Fredericksburg, VA USA
  17. Hello, I am new here on the forums and MixPad, so I have a few questions about how to get custom voices from your keyboard to the editor. I have a Yamaha YPG-235 and a standard A-B USB chord. I also have a Windows 10 USB Driver from the Yamaha website. Unfortunately though, while I can record piano sounds, the other voices (Trumpet, Synth Pads, etc.) will only come out as a piano sound. Am I doing something wrong here? I am just clicking the button to change the voice and record it and the custom voice comes out as piano every time. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right, but I could certainly use help with things I could tweak in the options that will fix this problem. Thanks, -Mark
  18. After posting http://nch.invisionz...udio-interface/ yesterday, I have found that the issues exist with not just the Helix but also with my UA Apollo Twin. When using an external interface: 1) I can play pre-recorded tracks until I record - see 2; 2) I can record on tracks but when I attempt to replay them the system locks and will not play back any tracks. 3) On reaching this point MixPad will not play back or record any tracks unless I close and re-open Mixpad - then I am back to stage 1. The problem appears to be the audio device setting under Mixpad, Preferences. If this is set to built-in, Mix pad works even if recording from an external interface but to listen you have to use the computer output. It will also work on the default output setting IF the system is set to use its inbuilt audio. Any other setting here causes the chain listed above. Mixpad is not practical for me to use to me as it stands but I think it will be an excellent software choice when it does work so hopefully you can help! Has anyone else come across this issue on MacOSX? Thanks.
  19. I am attempting to record in Mixpad using my Line 6 Helix as an audio interface. I can select the interface in Mixpad and files I import will play through Helix but, when I enable recording, I get a message that there is a problem with my interface and that I should check to see whether it is turned on and connected properly. I can record using Wavepad without problems although neither Mixpad or Wavepad will allow me to select any particular settings for the 8 inputs or 8 outputs Helix offers ('Default' is the only option listed in Mixpad's settings). The Helix does show input/output options with different software e.g. SoundForge, and Mixpad is able to see the inputs and outputs listed for my Apollo Twin interface so this seems to be a strange issue. I am using a Macbook Pro running Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite). I should be grateful for any help you can offer. Thanks.
  20. What a nightmare, i have been working on a cd mix for the last few days & of course i have been saving my project every step of the way.. I managed to complete this in the early hrs of this morning. I saved the project again, before exporting it out as a wave file.. To my horror, after the school run this morning, i returned home to burn a audio cd, ... NOTHING !! The exported audio file is seen on my desktop & it says it is 75 min long. BUT it is audioless..!!!!!!! So, i have re-opened my saved mix pad project file & .... yes THE WHOLE THING IS GONE.. All it shows me is all the parts but no waves or sound... wth..?? mixpad v3.27.. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT....
  21. I'm mixing a track and have somehow managed to turn on a metronome beat in the background. How do I remove this from the track? Any help would be appreciated - thank you!
  22. I made two files, totalling one hour of audio. I stopped the recording of the second one and FORGOT to export the project. Without thinking, out of habit I closed Mixpad and it asked if I wanted to save so I said no and it closed. Is there a way to still access these two files? Are they saved anywhere else on the computer even though I said no to the save option?
  23. Hi MixPadsters! 1/ Can you help a novice like me to remove background music, or mute as much as possible, from my voiceover in Mixpad? I've dabble with effects/mixer but got extreme results - has anyone controlled the background music from voiceover from front to back and vice-a-versa? 2/ How can I insert gentle small fades into each clip? Thank you so much for your help. Zach
  24. I can't figure out how to record a song that has both regular level and belt level volumes I have the Rode NT1-A Microphone (it's amazing), so I'm wondering if there's something I can do in the mixing software to help eliminate fuzziness, echoiness, and just flat out different quality from when I sing soft vs. loud. HELP!! Please and thank you
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