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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone else having problems with the latest version? I'm finding it full of bugs, very slow and extremely unresponsive in terms of playing preview and stopping preview from playing.
  2. I purchased Express Scribe Professional in 2017 for my Mac and it downloaded the version 5.56 Intel. It is outdated and won't give me float options on the VIEW menu. I tried to upgrade online, but it keeps giving me the same version. I downloaded the same CD onto a PC and it downloaded the latest version (6.something) and had all the bells and whistles. I'm in another forum and many told me their Macs were utilizing the newer versions, so I can't figure out what's happening with mine. Any thoughts?
  3. I run a small automotive workshop and use Express Accounts as my accounting software. I had to download the latest version of Express Accounts a couple of weeks ago after my computer hard drive crashed. Having used Express Accounts for around 4 years I was pleased that at least one of the hang ups had been resolved from the earlier version where the tax amount had to be entered manually for accounts payable. Until now the invoices have looked professional but the latest version lets that down. There are three problems I have encountered. I am running Windows 7 pro. Firstly when I write up a description of work done I used to type any letter in the quantity column and the column would be blank. Now anything I type in there just shows a 0 which looks decidedly second rate. Secondly I have noticed when I save invoices to file and open the PDF, if the description is too long for the line any word not finished just carries onto the next line. If I print them they are fine. Thirdly when I am typing in accounts payable the due date changes depending when the invoice date is. Then when it is corrected it sometimes changes as I am entering data. I would like to think that NCH would sort out these problems and then the software would be great. Should be a free upgrade once these problems are sorted.
  4. Where can I download the Latest Version of the Flexi Server? version 1.8.7? I've installed the version on the Website and showing 1.8.1?
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