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Found 6 results

  1. I am new to this software. I purchased it because I am interested in being able to have information available on the road if necessary. I plan to issue/print all invoices from my desktop, but I would like to be able to check on accounts on my iPad. I understand that there is an iOS app for Express Invoice. Do I need to purchase the $14.99 app if I have already purchased the desktop version? Thanks Rob
  2. Hi , I am facing an Issue wrt the Files captured as Mp4 by Debut. I cannot play these back on Iphones/Ipads and also they are not "Web-optimised" Can any one help me wrt the same as i donot want to do the process of conversion from the captured file format due to lack of time... Regards sid
  3. Hola Parece que no puedo abrir ninguna pista de wav ni mp3 ni se puede instalar el paquete de codecs como se hace en Windows . No sé si alguien más ha intentado usarlo en IPad pero yo no puedo, a pesar de haber pagado. Si alguien lo ha conseguido que lo diga, por favor, sino deberían quitar de App Store esta aplicación. Gracias
  4. Hi iPad App users, I am an experienced user of Express Invoice - iPad version. I am experiencing some bug issues with the latest Version 4.28 (update 11 November 2014). The App icon has changed ??? (The icon is displayed like it has been zoomed IN with 50% of the outer icon gone.) The finger touching on the screen is VERY unresponsive - for example in the 'Open Invoice List'. Or when editing an invoice. (Too many more to list.) The font is in automatic Bold mode for the 'Note comment' & the 'Foot comment' in 'Preferences/Invoice'. How to turn Bold mode off??? The colour scheme of light blue at the bottom of the screen in the 'Open Invoice List' is terrible (a massive backwards step) when the colour scheme was fantastic in the previous version. A major issue is preventing me from doing any professional invoices in this iPad App version is for description only (non charge items). A "0" in the "Qty" column now appears inappropriately and makes for a compromised invoice presentation. (The previous version did not have this issue.) I would like to know if there are iPad users of Express Invoice experiencing similar issues since the release of Version 4.28. Does anyone know if it possible to switch back to the previous version 4.10 (update 13 June 2014)? Thank you. [Note: I have reported these bug issues to the developers twice i.e., 13 November 2014, 1 December 2014.]
  5. When I try to add a video to the Media List via the tool bar "Add"/"Add Video", it shows the Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, and Photo Stream - Shared albums, but not the Video album. The result is the same when I try "Add Slide" on the sequence. Please tell me how to access the Video Album from VideoPad on an iPad.
  6. I would love to regord my singed melodies to TwelveKeys mobile and then just export them as notes next day to my students and friends. How would this be possible? Pekka
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