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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone This is a new issue on MixPad that hasn't happened to me before, but now it's with every export. When I listen to my song in MixPad, it's perfect. When I export it, it has little crackles in it through out. My settings are "no surround" (it comes up every time I click export), mp3, constant bitrate at 256. The render midi is grayed out and ticked. Could someone please advise as soon as possible? Cheers
  2. "Videopad Video Editor Free" is a misleading title. The free version can be downloaded free and used for editing but you cannot export it anywhere, not even to your own computer unless you buy the product. What is the point in downloading and spending time on your precious video if you cannot export it or save to your own computer?. You do not come to know of this problem until you reach that stage! If you are not a professional,don't even look at this product.
  3. How can I determine what YouTube Channel VideoPad will export to when I want to upload a new video....there doesn't seem to be a way to change from one channel to another when a person has more than one channel. Made a new video, tried to upload to where I normally upload the video to YouTube, but it suddenly went to a different YouTube channel I own. Any help would be most appreciated.
  4. Di Parish

    DPI integrity

    I am a newbie but have googled my question to no avail. When I "save as" an image that is 300dpi in PhotoPad it turns into a much lower dpi when I then reopen it on my desktop. How on earth do I retain the dpi integrity please?
  5. I seem to be having an issue with exporting my videos, which is strange because it's never been a problem. Every time I try to export a video (and mind you, it's not even 2 minutes long, so it shouldn't be this difficult) the program crashes at about 10% completion. I've only gotten it to finish exporting once and it only had 10 seconds of my video! I'm using version 4.14 if that makes a difference! (I haven't been notified of an update recently)
  6. Please help me !! I am exporting my 2min video. And no matter the resolution (already tried all). Videopad only exports the last 38sec. from the video. What should I do?
  7. Hello Recently i have decided to embark on a custom editing workstation however am on a budget and therefore doing heavy consideration in selecting parts and have already decided upon 16gb 3000mh DDR4 ram so now the main issue i have is choosing the cpu and whether to get one with a higher clock speed or high number of cores and threads in order to speed up the editing and exporting process and make things more efficient. Thanks for any suggestions or recommendations regarding this issue
  8. Hello, I'm new to this, and so far have really had great success with the software. I've made nine recordings and they sound great in playback mode using MixPad. However, when I try to export them (convert) to MP3 or wav files, the quality drops tremendously, and it seems like the places where multiple tracks exist, the levels waver (that's about as close as I can come to describing it). It seems like the vocal track goes up and down in level in comparison to the rest of they music. Any ideas how to convert while still retaining the original quality?
  9. I've been making more reaction videos to Red vs Blue season 15 recently, but screen capture software doesn't do so well on my PC, so I typically wait for the episode to release on YouTube, then just download the file, insert it and make sure it's in sync. I've usually already made all of my edits and rendered my actual reaction by the time the episodes release for the public on Sunday, so literally all I have to do is add another video track and lower the volume. But at times, it's taken up to 10 hours to render a 15 minute long video. I usually export with the 1080p preset, so in MP4 format and 29.97 frames per second. MP4 is the file type that YouTube is friendliest with, so I want all of my videos in the MP4 format. AVI and FLV can't be played on my PC anyway. And sure, while my PC specs aren't the greatest (4GB of RAM, Intel Pentium processor), a YouTuber called MurderofBirds has talked several times about how major of an upgrade getting his desktop PC was as compared to his 2007 laptop. It took his 20 minute reactions 2-3 hours to render, and he used Sony Vegas, so I'm wondering if only VideoPad has this problem, if it's the video, or if it's my PC. I need help, my dudes. (most of my other videos that aren't reactions export in 3-4 hours, such as reviews)
  10. I am creating a video for my church's Easter program and am having issues exporting. When I do, certain clips are not being included, leaving large chunks of blank screen time when I obviously have clips there. It isn't even consistent with a particular track. I just don't know why it would selectively not show things that are even shown in the preview... HELP?!
  11. So Since this Saturday ive been trying to export a video to youtube, around 40min, but every time i post it (3 times) it fails after the initial upload process, trying to connect to YT, then failing at 94.5%. I then tried to upload it to google drive. I wasn't able to see what percent or whatnot if failed at but it ended up failing again. I Then tried exporting it to just as an MP4 file on my PC, the directory being Computer\Videos, both times i tried it succeeded, but only created a file with only a quarter of the name of the file that is 0 bytes. suggestions?
  12. I am now the proud owner of VideoPad v.4.48 running on my Win.7 system on a PC (4 gigabyte ddr3 RAM and AMD II x2 2.7 gigahertz dual core processing). I have been trying to edit MP4 video clips recorded by my smartphone running on Android. Editing is a bit slow, but nothing compared with the **tedious slowness** of exporting my edited files ready for Youtube. It can take over an hour to export a 50 Mb clip only 40 seconds long. Ridiculously inefficient ! I wondered whether the embedded audio file is adding to the problem, but I cannot see how to chop it out of the video or turn it off. I just can't believe I am having this problem. VideoPad looked like a neat solution to my needs. I'm beginning to wish I had not bought it. I did so although I'd rather have continued trying to test the export function before buying - but I was told my free trial had expired (after just one day !). Can anyone suggest a solution, please? Regards, Tim
  13. I have been using videopad for at least 9 months no problem on Windows 10. I use my webcam to capture me and my mate on our guitars and singing.It captures mp4. I edit the beginning and end parts normaly All of a sudden it will not export any more.And Failed comes up. Any ideas why.I have reloaded videopad to the latest version and its still the same. Any ideas?
  14. Hi i was making a movie for youtube and using VideoPAD and i was going to export and a thing came up and said export queue :failed an install on demand component could not be install........ Remove! so i cant edit my videos! Please reply!
  15. Hi I have a problem with my exported files from projects I had been working on before I purchased the 4.22 upgrade - I am no longer seeing the zoom/crop effects working together on certain clips of the video project - particularly the heavily cropped clips which I have then applied zoom to to constrain the output to 16:9 - the exported file only has the cropped-sized clips --- and added a blue tint instead of the zoom??!! I have tried to upload a copy of the file to you via your Classic FTP software but it doesn't connect for me (I'm a home user not on a network server) Help??
  16. Is it possible to save a file with TwelveKeys? And if so, is it possible to export TwelveKeys files to Crescendo? Or does the TwelveKeys program only show the visual reel of the sound?
  17. If I export a video with two sequences, does it export one sequence at a time or does it export the whole thing?
  18. I read the post about exporting taking forever. I could live with forever, but I get NEVER. I have tried to export to file using avi, wmv and mpg. It has reached 90 percent a couple of times, but usually crashes much earlier. (unexpected event, etc. etc.) The project is about two hours long and involves no complex edits or layering. I have Windows 7 with a 3.4 intel and 12 gig of ram. That should be enough to handle this task, but I did try closing all programs and not using the computer, to no avail. I also flushed all caches and temp files and tried uninstall/reinstall. of the Video Pad program.(3,04) I also tried to burn it, but the program simply quits at the same place every time (19 percent) with no error message. .I have examined the project at that point and there is nothing there but one video and one audio track, no layers or transitions or stray bits on other tracks. Forget that the program crashes frequently no matter what I do (or don't do: it sometimes crashes before all the clips load). I have managed to slog through all that and get the thing edited. I just need to get it exported. Can anyone help?
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