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Found 171 results

  1. It is impossible to disable autonormalize in VideoPad 1) videopad ALWAYS normalizes in export 2) videopad ALWAYS normalizes in "Save Linked audio clip as new file" options in settings dlalog box does not have any effect Can you please tell me how it is possible to disable autonormalize via settings file or via registy??
  2. Hey guys first off I bought this program because it is great! But I seem to be having some trouble with some kind of Auto Cropping feature that crops the video and when you click the Preview (as it would be exported) button and it is completely different than the Sequence Preview I don't know if this has to do with the fact that I am using different sizes of Images in my video or what here is a video below of what I am talking about. Please help me figure out what is going on??? Thanks in advance! https://vimeo.com/120531708
  3. I have had Vidoepad since October (I purchased it for the third time - previous licenses somehow expired). I didnt use the Pad for a month and now I created a sequence lasting around 3 mins - I can watch it on the small screens on the right, but when I want to preview it - there's just the opening pic and the whole sequence seems to last just 1/1000 sec. What is going on?
  4. I accidentally overwrote a file I had been working on for three days now. VideoPad had been crashing, as it always does, and as I was trying to reopen the project, I canceled loading the project and saved an empty project by accident onto the file I had been using for days. Now, I have no idea how to get back the overwritten file. Please, if anyone has any idea of how to recover an overwritten file, please reply to me. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  5. I really like VideoPad, but there's something I don't get: Is it just me, or is the VideoPad text editor a bit brain dead? Text attributes get applied to everything in the text clip, which make it impossible to mix fonts, or even font sizes, in the one text clip. It's virtually impossible to create a decent scrolling credits list containing different sized fonts or bold headings, for instance. I think VideoPad needs a proper rich text editor for text clips. It seems to be as bad as Windows Movie Maker in this respect. Or am I missing something here? Cheers, Graham
  6. Taylor

    Eyedropper Tool?

    Whenever I go to the green screen effect and want to select a color, I have to do some guesswork to identify the color, or sometimes take a snapshot and then open a photo editor and use the eyedropper tool there. Could Videopad add an eyedropper tool in a future version?
  7. I'm trying to edit together a feature length film on VideoPad and I'm having a weird problem. I was using an old version of the program this morning, Version 3.04 and it kept crashing on me. So, I finally downloaded version 3.58. I opened the existing project I was working on with this new version, which is currently an hour and half long in length. I soon realized that I couldn't just get back to work, I had to let every single clip load. After an hour and fifteen minutes later, every single clip was loaded on the timeline and I went to go play the sequence, but yet again, the actual video image is like freezing, or not moving, but the sound is playing fine. If you pause the video, you will finally see the image on the screen move, but once you play the video again, the image on the screen yet again freezes and the audio continues to play. I have no idea what is going on here and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. Should I just start the whole project over again from scratch? I have no clue what to do... Please, if anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it!!
  8. Hi, after running malware software (Spy Boat), my Videopad software changed for the worst. I've decided then to reinstall it but now the rendering is coming out corrupted (.AVI format). I also have the impression there are some files missing. Here is the list I have (all applications): deshaker ffmpeg12 uninstall videopad.exe Never thought a malware software could be so harming. Any help Please ?? Thanks
  9. I would like to transfer my NCH licenses for Debut and VideoPad to a new PC. How would I go about doing that?
  10. Help needed, This is just insane. Never happened before ! I have ESET NOD Antivirus and, during last scan, I suddently found VideoPad tesktop icon compromised and the software malfunctioning. Then, checking up again, all the other NHC stuff like WavePad and so on. I re set-up VP again but is still malfunctioning. Basically, it is slow in showing the video and it starts very late. What can I do ? Thank you very much for any suggestion. Chris
  11. When I create a video which has just a picture as its image rather than an actual video clip, when I upload it to YouTube, the image doesn't show, the screen is just black, however the audio plays fine. My last successful 'picture video' was January 2013. I tried to upload one in August 2013, and the screen was black (the image shows for a split-second at the start). I hoped it was a one-off, but I did another one today and uploaded it, and it's happened again. Googling shows someone with the same problem in May 2013, so it would seem something has changed with VideoPad or YouTube between January 2013 and May 2013, and now we have this bug. I've tried .avi, .wav and .asf, tried a different frame rate and a different resolution, no difference. The video is fine with other video editors. This is definitely a VideoPad problem.
  12. VideoPad v.3.04 loads processor fully and converts video file awfully a long time. Where to take older versions ? Thank You !
  13. Hi, VideoPad v3.10 for the Windows platform has been released. A small list of what's new: Improved the Effects Dialog: Added a toolbar to the top of the window for quick access to some commands. Can now rearrange effects (move them up or down) in the effect chain. [*]Added more effects: Mirror; mirror a clip down the center either vertically or horizontally. Position; move the clip on the X and Y axes. Rotate; rotate the clip about the X, Y and X axes. You can achieve a "flip" effect by rotating 180 degrees about the X or Y axes. Scale; scale a clip in the X and Y dimensions independently of each other. Tint; apply a colour tint to a clip. [*]Added "slide" transition with non-linear motion curves. Check it out. [*]Added quick-access toolbar to the main window for easy access to some commonly-used functions. [*]Added option to either crop or letterbox on export. You can now easily export to 4:3 and other aspect ratios. See the "Export" tab in the Options Dialog. [*]Added sequence snapshot dimensions dialog. Now, when taking a snapshot of a sequence you'll be prompted for the width and height at which you'd like to take the snapshot. [*]It's now easier to change the text content of an existing text clip. Clicking in the text box after selecting a text clip should enlarge the text box. [*]Changed sequence timeline editing behaviour to "ripple". It should now behave more intuitively. Hold the ALT key to make it behave like previous versions. See the help documentation for more info. As always, you can download VideoPad from here: http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html If you find any problems let us know!
  14. Hi, My previous version of videopad allowed you to select a custom snapshot resolution with x and y pixels being entered via options, media files tab. I can't find this setting in the current version. Anybody know?
  15. I have used the non-commercial version of Videopad for ages and never had any problems with the software. But upon updating to version 3.04, one major problem has had me avoiding the program. When adding any video or image files to my project nothing is wrong, but the instant the clip preview loads the file and begins to show it; it crashes. Audio files do not cause this issue. Any fixes? I have restarted my PC and uninstalled/re-installed the program several times...
  16. Hi! New to VideoPad but have been sucessfully editing an old wedding video. I have a small problem though. I'd like to take a snapshot at time index 0:03:54.7 however whatever I do I get the same snapshot at time index 0:00:03.0 Does anyone know how to change/sort this out please! Thanks
  17. Whenever I import a clip into videopad, be it recorded with a camera or a screen recorder, a large portion of the video becomes transparent. When I drag it into the video track, those areas become black, and it ends up looking like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJeMn-zzld8 Anybody have any idea what this is, why it's happened, and how to make it not happen?
  18. Now that I have VideoPad 3.02, I've been experimenting and making videos. Right now, I am exporting/saving a video and at 32%, it quit saving and just stayed there. I tried aborting it, but it didn't work. I am not happy with VideoPad 3.02, and wonder if I can possibly get 2.41 noncommercial, or if someone can tell me how to fix this, because I really don't want to redo my video.
  19. At first I thought it was just my netbook because of the low specs but when I tried with my other machine it still hits 100% cpu usage. I was only editing 2 pics to merge or place on top of my 3min video, and I hit a very high CPU usage.
  20. I have made a video of still images, like a slideshow, to a song and it plays fine in Videopad and once saved as an avi movie it plays fine in Windows media player. My issue comes when I upload to youtube: when played back it cuts out some of my images, skips quickly through others so the music is out of sync. I have tried uploading it as different frame rates and different types of file - I even added a black screen at the beginning - whacking my videopad playback out of sync to them in theory be in sync on the screen and it still skipped through the same images?! Help please!
  21. Hello, i already have Photostage but i think about buying a second license for my other computer. Now i am not sure if videopad could be a better choice. 1st: My new camera is able to make short films. 2nd: What is the difference between cutting a film or making a slide show? I don't really see it. What are the main differences between both programs? Any information would be great! PuDerBaer
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