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  1. Thanks again, cheers The problem vid in lower 1080p res https://youtu.be/S99IZui9bsw Glenn
  2. Great tips, thanks Borate. It does seem likely my problems were over doing the resolution. Glenn
  3. Thanks. Borate. Great to hear this is a helpful forum. It makes all the difference. Agreed about the hardware resources but odd that it just started happening after a month or so? And any hints on a recommended or "reasonable" resolution and frame rate for Youtube music videos?
  4. Thanks Borated I uninstalled and reinstalled a previous version and then made an mp4 at a lower resolution & frame rate (1920 x1080, 30fps) to full success. Next I'll try a higher resolution and frame rate. I'll keep you posted Thanks for the help, it's appreciated. If this glitch had not happened, I was just about to buy. Now I'm a bit spooked.
  5. This version was the same for mp4. IOW no video only audio Now I get a message that insists I buy or enter my code if purchased when I try to export again in another format.
  6. Thanks Borate, I'll let you know if that works for the mp4 Do you have any idea what the typical upgrade fees are if I purchase?
  7. Hi, Newbie here. I've been using the free version for a few weeks and working fine exporting MP4 but as of today it is printing only the audio? Is this VP's way of getting you to buy the program or is there a setting I'm missing? If I purchase, what is this fee I'm hearing about for updates? Thanks glenn
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