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  1. Hi Borate - link as below, cheers https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xhtfjsw8flberj0/AAAbrjONXfADJ4y5t9d3hT7na?dl=0
  2. Thanks Borate - just updated to your version (the version I have been working on was from a link on NCH Software Registration email yesterday) The text still doesn't appear on the exported version - did you want me to PM you a Dropbox link to the fil ?
  3. Hi there I am new to Videopad but have mastered a basic grasp of a simple edit - great software by the way However, I am having issues with overlaying text - they appear on the Video Track 2 above my clip sequence, and play fully in the preview - but do not show up AT ALL on the exported video file. Please can you offer any advice ?
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